B2B/EDI Integration

Modernize your B2B Integration ecosystem to unleash faster partner onboarding, real-time visibility and cloud-scale resilience

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B2B/EDI Integration

Value of B2B Integration

In the relentless race of the modern business landscape, organizations face a multitude of challenges. Manual processes lead to errors, costing time and money for your business. Collaboration challenges among partners and suppliers involving EDI exchanges cause your business to fall behind in a rapidly changing market.

A robust B2B Integration platform is the definitive answer to these challenges, helping companies to exchange critical business messages and automate processes. Thus, also ensuring compliance and providing real-time visibility into supply chain management and helping you staying ahead of the competition.

Value of B2B Integration

B2B/EDI Modernization

While EDI has been a reliable mechanism for partner communication for years, the limitations of legacy B2B platforms have become increasingly apparent in today’s fast-evolving digital landscape. The need to embrace a cloud-first, API-led approach for organizations makes B2B modernization a key to ensuring efficiency, improving partner experience, and reducing operational expenses.

Business Scalability

Faster, self-service trading partner onboarding can help to empower your business growth curve

Reputation Protection

Modern B2B platforms provide improved resilience to loss of business and higher levels of security

Supply Chain Visibility

Gain visibility into EDI transactions and errors across your Order to Cash and Procure to Pay lifecycle

Future Proofing

Equip your business with API-led, near real-time transaction capabilities for your future growth

Our Services

With over 3 decades of Enterprise IT experience, Miraclesoft’s B2B Integration Center of Excellence boasts one of the largest contingents of B2B Integration and EDI experts.

Our team understands the value of EDI, the importance of modernization, and the nuances of implementing large scale B2B Integration projects across various industries including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, financial services, retail, and more.

Through our hybrid delivery model, we have been able to provide value-added IT services to our customers in a cost-optimized framework focussed on delivering highest quality. Speak with Miraclesoft’s B2B Integration CoE today to better understand how we can help you on your digital transformation and EDI journey.

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Miraclesoft’s B2B Integration CoE

B2Bi/EDI Strategy and Architecture

Tailored to your integration needs, our services focus on delivering tangible results while aligning IT strategies with digital business outcomes

B2B Integration Modernization

Modernize your B2B Integration platform to accelerate partner business, enable API-led integrations and adopt cloud-scale and resilience

Outcome Based Implementations

Work with our CoE Experts to architect and implement your B2B Integration platform of the future to support your growing business

Core/Flex Dev and Support Teams

Deploy our cost efficient Core/Flex teams to support partner onboarding, map development, process enhancements and EDI support

Managed Services and Support

Leverage SLA Driven, Cost Optimized Managed Services from our B2B Command Center to support your critical B2B/EDI operations

B2Bi/EDI Talent Augmentation

Find the right B2B Integration/EDI talent through Miraclesoft’s AI-driven talent acquisition channels and CoE team ecosystem

Health Checks and Assessments

Leverage our CoE’s deep B2B/EDI expertise to assess your organization’s current state, right-fit solutions and define an integration roadmap

Platform Selection and Licensing

Work with our B2B Integration CoE to identify the right fit solutions and sizing for your EDI needs - bundled with value-add discounts

Strategic Partnerships

Miracle is proud to be aligned with some of the top technology leaders in the space of B2B/EDI Integration. Our strategic alliances empower us to deliver cutting-edge, enterprise-grade solutions to our global customers and allow us to be at the forefront of innovation.

Digital Integration Capabilities

For organizations that are focussed on digital capabilities, a true digital integration platform makes the difference between success and failure. With the right approach in place, enterprises can be equipped to rapidly deliver digital products, automate business processes, and gain real-time business insights.

Talk to experts from Miraclesoft’s Digital Integration CoE today to learn more about what integration approach fits your organization’s needs. Our customers have seen improved business agility, creation of new revenue streams, and an increase in organizational efficiency, all through a well-thought-out Digital Integration strategy.

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Empower real-time data integration, process automation across platforms and applications that talk to each other through Integration Platform as a Service

B2B/EDI Integration

Establish an integration network that scales with your business, rapidly onboards trading partners and allows for secure, reliable transactions

API Management

Empower your application architectures with an API Management platform that allows for rapid, secure, and robust connectivity

Data Integration

Harness the potential of your data through integration platforms that enable real-time analytics and prescriptive business insights

Data Movement

Facilitate rapid, secure, and scalable data exchanges within your organization that can reliably help your business create new revenue streams

Event-Based Integration

Increase business agility through event-driven architectures that allow your organization to react in near real-time to changes

Supply Chain Visibility Platform(MSCVP)

Enhancing supply chain visibility is critical for digital enterprises operating in an ever-changing and competitive global market. Miraclesoft’s Supply Chain Visibility Portal (MSCVP) provides comprehensive insights into your supply chain, including order-to-cash and procure-to-pay lifecycles, offering real-time tracking and traceability of EDI transactions. Our pre-built frameworks accelerates time-to-market, improves quality and reduces costs to help your supply chain operations. The framework offers plug-and-play usage with your B2B Integration platform for quick and easy setup so that you can accelerate trading partner onboarding, provide self-service transaction visibility, leverage record-and-replay capabilities, and optimize operational costs.


Transactional Visibility

Empower self-service visibility into EDI transactions for IT, Business and Trading Partners


Seamlessly analyze transaction errors and failures along with the ability to replay transactions

SLA Monitoring

Improve your platform reliability by monitoring and adhering to your transactional SLAs

Automated Ticketing

Integrate with your ITIL systems to route and alert the right teams for EDI transaction errors

Cloud-Powered Data Lake and Analytics for a Custom Apparel Manufacturer

Big Data and Analytics
Business Challenge

Our customer is one of the largest clothing companies in the USA with multiple factory outlets and brand stores across the country. The business generates a lot of transactional data that was used for operational activities with multiple pipelines that use the data for analytical purposes.

A large amount of transactional data was stored from multiple files, build, schedule, and monitor pipelines, thus, managing those data files and reporting correct transactions from the bank was tough.

This could result in someone sabotaging their transactional data and cause data or financial loss. To avoid this, they were looking to build machine learning models to predict the transactions that are approved initially by the bank.

Our Solution
  • Built pipelines in Azure to gather and store batch data files which monitor our client's shared on-prem location and transfer the data to Azure Blob storage
  • Maintained, transformed, and merged the data with necessary changes that are fit for the business consumption and analytics
  • Designed pipelines that performed a large movement of data from on-prem to the cloud and then developed pipelines for daily incremental loads
  • Provided them with self-service analytics with the powerBI reports and advanced Machine Learning models in Azure Databricks
Customer Benefits
  • Responsibility is limited to placing the files in a defined FTP location and the process automatically loads the data in the backend with defined tagging which made their job effortless
  • The chance of data breaches fell as the lifecycle of all the transactions can be monitored
  • Results of ML Prediction Model updates Analytics dashboard on daily basis, which helped them in predicting their cash flow
  • Instead of searching for transactions in different .csv files; a consolidated dashboard helped the AR team to monitor the transactions in a more efficient way
Technology Scope
  • SQL Server, Azure Synapse, Databricks, Azure Blob storage, Azure Data Factory, Machine Learning

SharePoint based Document Management System for Global Manufacturer

Microsoft Platform
Business Challenge

Our Customer is a leading global material sciences company that manufactures and markets copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs). They have workforces around three continents. Some of the main challenges included,

  • Approver needs to be predetermined based on document creator and type of document
  • Lock document for changes after approved
  • Only admin can reopen(i.e. edit/delete) approved document​
  • Ability to approve, reject, and leave comments from within the email/Microsoft Teams
  • Reminder notification with all pending items per approver
  • Document Id, Metadata searchable in SharePoint

They were looking for a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with their current document and data storage system which is highly configurable.

Our Implementation
  • Initial Assessment and Discovery
  • Design SharePoint site office 365 group with modern document library
  • SharePoint list for predetermined approvers
  • Activate document id feature in SharePoint
  • Create approval process using Power Automate as workflow engine
  • Using Adaptive cards for Outlook Actionable Messages
  • Send Email Reminder notification with all pending items per approver
  • Update file level permissions using Power Automate and SharePoint Rest API
  • SharePoint modern UI column formatting & view formatting
  • SharePoint enterprise keywords search
Customer Benefits
  • SharePoint Modern UI
  • Easy to change file information and access previews and more details
  • Easy to sort, group, sort and resize columns
  • Responsive Design, Modern mobile experience
  • SharePoint team site in MS Teams
  • Faster load times
  • Ability to add an approver
  • Document co-authoring
  • Information management policies are a set of rules that allows organizations to control content
Technology Scope
  • SharePoint Online, Power Automate, Microsoft Teams, Outlook 365 online , Outlook actionable messages (adaptive cards)

We Understand Enterprise Scale

We understand enterprise scale, and we empower digital integration. Explore Miraclesoft’s expansive offerings and capabilities to help establish your digital integration platform of the future. It is critical for organizations to adopt a holistic view for their integration needs including B2B/EDI integration to ensure they can power their digital projects to success.


per month

Processes through an automated Intelligent Document Processing pipeline for a Healthcare Marketplace



Logged per hour in real-time to enable preventive and prescriptive diagnostics
for an Automotive Manufacturer


Per Second

Securely executed across internal and external integration endpoints and partners for a Pharmacy Retailer


Messages and Events
Per Month

Processed by a secure containerized integration platform with over 1900 Integrations for a Global Retailer


Streaming Events
Per Day

Processed through a Real Time Cloud Streaming and Analytics Platform for a Tire Distributor



Implemented across 180+ Cold Storage Facilities with real time event streaming for a Logistics Giant


EDI Transactions
Per Day

Securely processed on a resilient B2B platform across 2300+ Trading Partners for a Global Logistics Firm


Visual AI Agents

Achieved through cloud-based Low Code AI Apps Platform developed for a Global Pharmaceutical Giant

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