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Cloud Based Vehicle Transfer for Wholesale Auction Company

Cloud-Native Application
Business Challenge

Our client is a global Fortune 700 company, serving the largest automotive manufacturers, financial institutions, insurance companies by selling, buying, and trading used vehicles. They were facing challenges with manually filling in application forms with the correct data such as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Mileage, Payment Information, etc.

They were looking for a system that would remove the manual process of downloading and selecting the correct form for each title, each time, thereby reducing entry error and selecting the correct form automatically.

Our Solution
  • Set up a Cloud-Native Serverless web application, hosted on AWS utilizing Angular, Node, Express and Mongo DB technologies
  • Created a user-friendly admin portal where application template forms are uploaded and mapped back to fields in the database
  • The forms can be manually overridden by the user during the preview mode and also allow the user to print and download the created form
Customer Benefits
  • Reduced reliance on human input and increased speed of getting the titles filled out
  • Achieved 300% increase in forms processed per month
  • Drastically reduced data entry efforts and error count decreased by 100%
  • Provided metrics for the serviced applications and expedited title transfer option as a new service
Technology Scope
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), mLab (MongoDB), Node.js, Express.js, Angular, Serverless (AWS Lambda), Hummus PDF

Implementing Help Desk Chatbot(s) for a National Retailer

Conversational Chatbot
Business Challenge

Our customer is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United States with over 2000 stores, 400,000 employees and operations spanning across the globe.

They were looking for an AI-based Conversational Chatbot that could reduce the number of support calls and allow their contact center to completely focus on their customer's queries. Also, they want to reduce cost per issue solved for the support center team while improving end user experience.

Our Solution
  • Built a Chatbot for their store employees that provided self-service access to knowledge articles, resolved connectivity issues for stores and assisted in answering FAQ’s.
  • Built a Chatbot that serves close to 250,000 corporate users, providing self-help articles and resolutions along with a complete catalog of assets and devices
  • Built a Chatbot for Service Catalog that provides an additional interface for teams to view service catalogs and requesting services from certain specialized teams
Customer Benefits
  • Enhanced customer experience with faster query resolution
  • Minimized the need for human intervention and allowing them to focus on resolving complex queries
  • Ability to measure user sentiment for each product type by comparing chat survey results with after-call survey
  • Able to visualize performance of chat vs contact center metrics
Technology Scope
  • Power BI and Latest Web Technologies

API Modernization with Apigee for Global Financial Institution

Edge Integration and API M
Business Challenge

Our customer is a leading global Financial Services company focused on bridging the gap between savings, investments and providing relevant investment solutions.

They were facing issues with their legacy .Net based APIs in terms of security, monitoring, and scalability. As a part of their transformation journey, they were facing challenges integrating their legacy APIs with their web and mobile app investments. To avoid adding more technical debt, they were looking for a modern API Management solution that could enable them for future integration needs.

Our Solution

Miracle's Integration Center of Excellence team worked with the customer to understand their requirements and select their API Management platform as Apigee Edge. The solution included,

  • Standing up the Apigee platform along with a customized developer portal
  • Migrating .NET based APIs to Apigee along with new new development of APIs with end-to-end unit testing
  • Enabling network level and message level security which included encryption and threat protection
  • Upgraded the APIs from OAuth 1.0 to OAuth 2.0 as a part of the platform setup
Customer Benefits

Through the implementation of a robust API Management platform and strategy the customer was able to,

  • Achieve end to end visibility and monitoring for their API usage
  • Ability to enable advanced security measures for APIs; Very critical for financial services related endpoints
  • Enabled a enterprise-class platform that would support current and future business needs
  • Deployed and released the new API endpoints for integration into their mobile and web apps
Technology Scope
  • Apigee Edge Cloud, .NET APIs

Empowering Data Driven Operations with a Cloud Data Lake for Logistics Giant

Big Data and Analytics
Business Challenge

Our customer is a reputed organization in the business of modern commercialized temperature-controlled warehousing for the storage of perishable goods. Their operations management lifecycle was based on an on-premise database management system which was causing numerous challenges including scalability, storage, archiving, performance, and many others. They were looking for a modern and robust solution to build a separate OLAP layer hosted on the cloud for reports, dashboards, and advanced analytics.

The goal of the project was to achieve better visibility into the ideal supply chain map based on order history, product origins and destinations, forecasts, restocking timelines, prime inventory pile locations, and fulfillment possibilities, thus providing insights into customer’s key performance indicators.

Our Solution

Miracle conducted an initial assessment and discovery session to design and architect a cloud-based data lake and data warehousing system on AWS that would enable their business users to access insights and data without putting additional load on their transactional systems; hence increasing operational performance and scalability as well.

The solution involved migration data, workflows, and jobs from an on-premise database to AWS along with automating nightly batch jobs and workflows for loading data from on-premise transactional systems to the data lake. An archival strategy was also implemented to move data to cold storage to improve the cost efficiency of the data warehouse.

  • Delivered the project using a Rapid Agile/Scrum Driven delivery model that helped our customers realize incremental gains
  • The entire solution was built using serverless architecture and services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allowed for a secure and scalable modern data solution for the customer
  • Implemented data warehouse with AWS RedShift with AWS Glue and AWS Lambda(Functions) used for the data integration workflows
  • Created test automation for regression cycle that allowed for quick and high-quality data workflows being deployed in their environment
  • Implemented database level, schema level, and table-level security and authorization
  • Developed a hybrid integration environment with AWS and on-premise systems to provide a central source of truth for their data
Customer Benefits

Through the modernization and migration effort, the customer was able to seamlessly move to a more scalable and feature-rich data solution that also enabled them for their future analytics needs. Some of the benefits the customer experienced with the upgrade are,

  • Fully operationalized Cloud-based Data Lake and Data Warehouse solution for analytical purposes using a fully automated environment to extract, transform and load the data with scheduled jobs, thus making their work simpler
  • Workflows are managed and processed with AWS Cloud and provided scalability and robust solution for their customer's ongoing analytical needs
  • Serverless architecture for their modern data solution enabled them to scale their analytics needs in a cost-efficient and secure manner
Technology Scope
  • AWS S3, AWS Redshift, AWS RDS for Postgresql, AWS Glue, AWS Data Migration Service (DMS), AWS KMS, CloudWatch/CloudTrail, AWS VPC, AWS Codecommit, AWS Athena, AWS SNS (Simple Notification Service), AWS Lambda

Automating Invoice Processing with OCR and RPA for Healthcare Firm

Robotic Process Automation
Business Challenge

As a leading provider of healthcare improvement solutions and services, our customer has a large network of vendors and suppliers from which they receive a large number of invoices via email and other delivery channels. Their Accounts Payable team requires a lot of manual effort to process, validate, and post these invoices in their ERP.

As a part of their process transformation efforts with RPA, they wanted to implement OCR-based automation for their invoice processing needs.

Our Solution
  • Analyzed the incoming invoice formats and the fields that needed to be extracted
  • Conducted a rapid pilot to assess the ability of OCR and NLP to extract the required information
  • Designed and documented their Process and Solution Design Documentation (PDD/SDD)
  • Implemented a reusable framework using UiPath's Re:Framework in order to allow for the customer to scale to more vendor invoice formats in the future
  • Developed required OCR layouts and integrated with the RPA workflow
Customer Benefits
  • Achieved close to 95% straight-through processing of invoices without human intervention
  • Achieved a fully automated end-to-end invoice processing pipeline that took digitally scanned invoices (PDFs), extracted the data, validated the items, and posted to their ERP
  • Improved the vendor and supplier experience by processing invoices in a quicker and error-free manner
  • Repurposed human workforce in Accounts Payable team to work on more value-add work
Technology Scope
  • UiPath's Enterprise RPA Platform, Abbyy OCR, Workday