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Validate business ideas and technology solutions with a fail-fast, innovation-first methodology built on agile principles

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Rapid Innovation Prototyping

Enabling Rapid Innovation

The rapid pace of change in today's market requires that businesses adapt and transform themselves nimbly. At Miracle, we believe in innovation through leadership. Our Rapid Innovation Prototyping Service (RIPS) puts together our core principles of Affordable Innovation, Agile Development, and Co-Innovation into one simple package for enterprises that are looking to innovate and disrupt. With an average duration of 4 to 6 weeks, our rapid prototypes are focussed on being able to evaluate the technical feasibility of a solution and the proposed business value of the approach.

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Enabling Rapid Innovation

How does it work?

Our Rapid Innovation methodology is based on four easy steps that will help your teams be guided through the process seamlessly. We believe in delivering tangible results and working solutions, instead of presentations and slides.

Crowdsourced Ideation

Crowdsourced Ideation

Cultivate ideas that will add value to your business through Design Thinking and Art of the Possible Workshops

Architect and Design

and Design

Bring the required technology and platforms to the table to design and build a secure, scalable, and modern solution

Rapid Iterations


Rapidly build out innovation prototypes using a mindset based on co-innovation and agile-based, fail-fast iterations

Analyze Business Value

Analyze Business Value

Visualize your results, receive user feedback, assess business value and analyze the technical feasibility of the solution

Principles for Rapid Innovation

Built on a foundation of innovation, our model is focussed on fostering innovative ideas and bringing those to fruition with a fail-fast, agile-first mindset. Through a series of rapid iterations, we help our customers realize the full potential of cutting-edge technology available to them.


We believe in collaborating with our customers in an iterative manner with transparent communications to deliver the best innovation results

Affordable Luxury

For digital businesses, innovation is no longer a luxury but a necessity - we empower affordable innovation through our global delivery models

Rapid Results

Our culture is based on an agile, fail-fast model that promotes rapid results (we're talking a few weeks) and iterative feedback for success

Agile Velocity Driven Innovation Squads

Our teams are built with your success as our focus, from being able to customise the velocity of the sprint to expansion of the squad size when you need it. we take ownership in delivering and conducting workshops quarterly to help define the definition of success.

Agile Velocity Driven Innovation Squads

Innovation Methodology

Many organization face challenges aligning innovation and available talent, hampering their ability to compete and adopt to new technologies faster. Our RIPS Methodology revolves around 4 stages that help customers from emphasizing innovation’s value, exploring business use cases, assembling tech experts, design and development, and delivering your business objective.

Innovation Methodology

Technology Trends

Machine Learning

From Entity Extraction to Image Recognition - explore use cases that will revolutionize your business

Internet of Things

Use the power of devices and streaming data to build enterprise-grade connected experiences

Conversational AI

Evolve your end-user experiences from web and mobile to AI-driven conversational chatbots

Blockchain Networks

Revolutionize the way your business operates by imbibing principles of transparency and security


Modernize your infrastructure to create an agile culture that promotes rapid delivery and quality

Process Automation

With the power of RPA, OCR, and AI - improve process efficiency across your organization

Generative AI

Enhance business interactions with semantic knowledge understanding and reasoning

Cognitive Apps

Create personalized user experiences by infusing AI and cognitive capabilities in your applications

BLE Beacon-based Trailer Tracking Solution for Beverage Manufacturer

Microsoft Platform
Business Challenge

Like any other beverage manufacturing company, our customer also had to deal with problems associated with Yard Management. With a daily average of more than 600 trailers parked inside a huge manufacturing facility, it was time consuming and inefficient to manually locate trailers in the yard. This resulted in a significant amount of fuel loss for trucks to drive around the yard to find trailers and also made it hard to visualize which docking stations were open for loading/unloading.

The customer wanted to implement a location-based solution that allow them to improve the efficiency of their operations while also gaining more visibility into their yards capacity, their docks and their truck drivers.

Our Solution
  • Performed multiple on-site visits to research their current operations so that we could devise a cost-effective plan and technologically advanced solution that addressed their specific needs
  • Developed a tablet(Android) application for guards of the yard who could use the app to program BLE Beacons and attach them to all trailers entering the yard
  • The same tablet application was made available to truck drivers who could use it to track and garner near realtime GPS coordinates of the trailers
  • Developed crowd-sourced location mapping algorithms that collect data from all the truck driver's tablets and map out the location of the trailers with BLE beacons
  • Developed a web application for yard managers to visualize the open docks and post jobs so that trailers can be moved for parking spots to docks for loading/unloading
Customer Benefits
  • The solution has helped to significantly improve the efficiency of their truck drivers, thus optimizing the overall movement of trailers in their yards
  • Allowed higher visibility for their operations team to manage and view jobs that are occuring in the yard
  • BLE Beacons based solution allowed them to reuse tracking hardware across 3rd party trailers
  • The tablet app improved the user experience for truck drivers as they could use maps to identify the location of trailers easily versus having to drive around the yard searching for trailers
Technology Scope
  • Angular, Android, NodeJS, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft Azure SQL, Estimote BLE Beacons, iBeacon Protocol, Azure Event Hubs

Cloud based Warehouse Monitoring Platform for Global Logistics Provider

Internet of Things
Business Challenge

Our customer is a leading provider of temperature-controlled cold storages and warehouses across the globe. One of their main challenges was their ability to provide customers with a self-service monitoring system that would allow them to view their facilities and the associated temperature conditions in near real time.

They were looking to modernize their current legacy temperature and humidity monitoring devices to put in place a modern and efficient IoT based system that could allow them to gain more business value.

Our Solution
  • Architected a connected, cloud-based IoT solution for monitoring temperature and humidity in their warehouses
  • Implemented network of temperature/humidity sensors along with secure, internet-connected gateways in their warehouses
  • Created a cloud based, scalable solution for securely aggregating data from the sensors in the warehouses
  • Created RBAC (Role Based Access Control) dashboards that provided business teams visibility into the operations of the warehouses
  • Configured infrastructure automation with Ansible, Docker, and AWS to provide an easily composable solution
Customer Benefits
  • Achieved higher visibility in their warehouse operations by being able to visualize real time status of temperature and humidity
  • Extended their monitoring solution to achieve near real time alerting for warehouse staff in case of any threshold breaches in temperature
  • Created a new channel of business by offering customers value-add visibility into their warehouses
  • Reaped benefits of a reusable solution that could be expanded to their entire warehouse ecosystem across the globe
Technology Scope
  • AWS, Rabbit MQ, Connected Devices, Node JS, Python, Ansible, Docker Swarm

Automating Invoice Processing with OCR and RPA for Healthcare Firm

Robotic Process Automation
Business Challenge

As a leading provider of healthcare improvement solutions and services, our customer has a large network of vendors and suppliers from which they receive a large number of invoices via email and other delivery channels. Their Accounts Payable team requires a lot of manual effort to process, validate, and post these invoices in their ERP.

As a part of their process transformation efforts with RPA, they wanted to implement OCR-based automation for their invoice processing needs.

Our Solution
  • Analyzed the incoming invoice formats and the fields that needed to be extracted
  • Conducted a rapid pilot to assess the ability of OCR and NLP to extract the required information
  • Designed and documented their Process and Solution Design Documentation (PDD/SDD)
  • Implemented a reusable framework using UiPath’s Re:Framework in order to allow for the customer to scale to more vendor invoice formats in the future
  • Developed required OCR layouts and integrated with the RPA workflow
Customer Benefits
  • Achieved close to 95% straight-through processing of invoices without human intervention
  • Achieved a fully automated end-to-end invoice processing pipeline that took digitally scanned invoices (PDFs), extracted the data, validated the items, and posted to their ERP
  • Improved the vendor and supplier experience by processing invoices in a quicker and error-free manner
  • Repurposed human workforce in Accounts Payable team to work on more value-add work
Technology Scope
  • UiPath’s Enterprise RPA Platform, Abbyy OCR, Workday

NLP and ML powered Document Classification for Legal Firm

Robotic Process Automation
Business Challenge

With over 750+ lawyers across the globe, our customer is a powerhouse of a law firm. One of their major challenges was their lack of ability to run advanced analytics on their case files and other related documents.

They were looking for a custom solution that would allow them to extract and index their case files and provide them with an option to categorize these documents based on the lawyers involved, the geography of the case, the client names, and more.

Our Solution
  • Analyzed a wide variety of sample case files and other legal documents that the customer wanted to index
  • Architected and designed a cloud-based, open source powered solution that would satisfy the customer’s needs
  • Build a document processing workflow using Python to extract text from documents in various formats (Documents, Slides, Emails, etc.)
  • Built Natural Language Process models for Named Entity Extraction to extract relevant information and metadata from case files
Customer Benefits
  • Able to utilize a cost-effective and scalable intelligent document processing workflow
  • Gained the ability to search, categorize and gain insights into their treasure trove of documents
  • Were able to provide this as a service to their business partners to aid them in their day to day operations
Technology Scope
  • Python, Tika, SOLR, Mongo DB, Spark, Flask

Citizen Chatbot Development Platform for Pharmaceutical Giant

Microsoft Platform
Business Challenge

Our customer is a global leader in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. With over 130 years of heritage and over 100,000 employees worldwide, they are truly a leader in their industry.

They were faced with an enormous technical challenge to build and deliver custom chatbots across different business entities inside their organization. Despite having an in-house development team, the traditional methods of developing chatbots from scratch for every business need was slowly translating into a major hurdle for their overall success. They were looking for a custom-built framework and platform that would allow them to rapidly fulfill chatbot demand requests.

Our Solution
  • Analyzed their chatbot projects over the past year and also the ones in the development pipeline to understand common features that business users were requesting
  • Architected and developed a state-of-the-art framework that could enable citizen chatbot developers to build, customize, and deploy chatbots with an intuitive web based interface
  • Continued engaging in continuous development of this product and delivered exciting features like - dialog flows, API connectors, knowledge bases, adaptive cards, voice, and much more
  • Integrations Miracle's mInsights platform to provide insights and analytics on conversational lots from the chatbots including metrics such as user adoption, satisfaction rate and more
Customer Benefits
  • Noticeable increase in the efficiency of the entire chatbot development lifecycle
  • Significant decrease in overall turn-around time for building and delivering chatbots for business use cases
  • A self-serve model for managing knowledge bases resulted in greater adoption of the product across several business entities inside the organization
  • Ability to view near real-time metrics and analytics that visualize how the chatbots are performing
  • Ability to leverage Microsoft's ever-expanding portfolio of cognitive services to develop advanced and user friendly chatbots
Technology Scope
  • Microsoft Bot Framework, Microsoft LUIS, Microsoft QnA Maker, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Node JS, Neptune Planet 9 DX, PostGre SQL DB

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