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Experience a fully SLA driven, outcome based, fixed fee model for 24x7 managed services and support

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Managed Services

Our Managed Services Model

Miracle offers a fully SLA driven, outcome based, fixed fee 24 X 7 Managed Service for your applications, data and infrastructure. The model allows your team to manage the engagement through SLAs and disengage from the day-to-day responsibilities of task allocation, monitoring and managing individual resources. You can therefore focus on increased business alignment while Miracle ensures a safe transition (in the immediate term), continuous process improvement (in the steady state) and transformation (in the long term), resulting in increased throughput, higher delivery assurance and lowered TCO.

Our Managed Services Model

Our Solution Approach

Risk Mitigated Transition

Land Safe - Risk Mitigated Transition

  • High customer touch and cultural alignment
  • Minimal impact on business continuity
  • Wave approach based on familiarity, criticality and complexity of the landscape
Operations Enablement

Steady State - Operations Enablement

  • Process standardization and tools implementation
  • Enablement of service integration
  • Operations Maturity Framework for quick wins in inflow reduction, automation, and stabilization
Drive Optimization

Improvements - Drive Optimization

  • Create application and infrastructure synergies
  • Optimization of apps, assets, and licenses
  • Drive various automation initiatives
Predictive Operations

Transform - Predictive Operations

  • Predictive Intelligent, AI Ops and Business Intelligence (Dashboards) for your business processes and systems
  • IT landscape standardization and deep automation

Our Wave Approach

Miracle will deploy a wave based application transition approach for better risk mitigation and transparent channels of knowledge transfer. The transition phases will comprise knowledge acquisition, shadow phase, reverse shadow (share-lead), and entry to steady state.

Transition Phase

Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing for your Managed Services team will be determined based on the scope of work, skill sets required, duration of contract, ticket volume, shift coverage, and the SLAs. Our teams can work with you to determine these factors and give you a cost-optimized Managed Services proposal.

Miracle’s team constantly looks for improvement and efficiency within the Managed Services teams to better service levels and end user experience. This optimization involves a left-shift mindset, constant development of SOPs(Standard Operating Procedures), and implementing automation through data analysis and pattern identification.

Our teams work with a laser focus on bringing efficiency gains to the Managed Services program. Through these gains, you will be able to provide a higher level of service excellence for your users and be able to do more with less by expanding the team’s current bandwidth through automation. Miracle also conducts quarterly reviews of the work and scope coverage to evaluate cost-optimization opportunities for you.

In case new applications are added to the scope, the ticket volume and skill set requirements are revisited and reviewed. Miracle’s project management teams will assist you to identify requirements for supporting the new application and work with your internal teams to provide the required knowledge for the Managed Services team.

We understand that your technology landscape is constantly evolving. Miracle engages in Steering Committee discussions to better understand your future technology roadmap and prepare for those changes. This includes investing in upskilling and cross-skilling the current resources to be able to handle evolving technology landscapes while retaining the required business knowledge.

Our Delivery Models

At Miracle, we believe in being able to provide cost effective, value added, and high quality IT services to our customers across the globe. To ensure that we can support you in the best way possible, we have cultivated our delivery models to be best-of-breed for the needs of a truly digital enterprise.

In all of our models, our teams will work for continuous process improvement by ensuring safe-landing for support (near-term), optimization (mid-term), and transformation (long-term). We focus on efficiency gains through a shift-left approach, playbooks (SOPs), automation, and long-term fixes to your environment to optimize costs and pass back savings to you.

Managed Services and Support

  • SLA driven outcome based model where Miracle takes complete ownership so that you can disengage from day-to-day management of tasks and resources, and focus on management through results
  • Available for 8x5, 24x5, and 24x7 models based on customer's need
  • Onsite, Nearshore, and Offshore models available
  • Best used for application, data, and infrastructure support needs of your organization - let us handle your daily activities so that you can focus on your business
  • Monthly pricing based on SLAs, shift coverage, size of the team, and hours of support

Core/Flex Capacity Model

  • Flexible capacity model for both support and development needs that allows you to contain costs while providing scalability through a combination of a core (dedicated) team and an on-demand add-on
  • Available for Business Hours Support (Customizable)
  • Nearshore and Offshore models available
  • Best used for development teams and support teams where there might be seasonal workloads that need additional capacity (or) changes in business that need to be accommodated quickly
  • Monthly fixed pricing for core team with pay-as-you-go pricing for flex team

On-Demand Support and Development

  • Flexible capacity model for support and development activities where workloads are variable (or) sporadic and suitable for situations where the demand for work cannot be forecasted
  • Available for Business Hours Support (Customizable)
  • Nearshore and Offshore models available
  • Best used for support and enhancement activities for stable systems where workloads can be ad-hoc and un-scheduled - ideal for sporadic demand where demand forecasting is not optimal
  • Monthly pay-as-you-go pricing model with options for rollovers and top-ups

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Miracle Software Systems is a minority certified, global systems integrator with over 30 years of experience delivering best-in-class solutions for global enterprises. With over 2500 employees across the globe, we have built extensive expertise and knowledge across the enterprise technology stack that enables us to deliver innovative, high-quality, and cost optimized services to our customers.

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