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Digital Integration

Impact of Digital Integration

Is your Digital Transformation strategy well aligned with an Integration strategy? A well-thought-out Digital Integration strategy is critical for any business that is looking to transform itself. With the right architecture, combining Application Integration, API Management, Data Integration, and Event Driven Integration, your organization will be equipped to break down business silos, create holistic experiences and deliver a connected digital enterprise.

Today’s Digital Integration Platforms and Solutions must allow enterprises to,

  •   Efficiently connect their applications(legacy and modern, on-premise and cloud) to each other - allowing for connected experiences
  •   Empower rapid delivery of new applications, processes, and data through a robust and secure integration layer
  •   Allow enterprises to leverage the power and economics of the cloud while enabling secure scalability for growing businesses
  •   Bring together your organization’s data and processes and allow for more insightful and predictive business decision-making

Our Capabilities

For organizations that are focused on digital capabilities, a true digital integration platform makes the difference between success and failure. With the right approach in place, enterprises can be equipped to rapidly deliver digital products, automate business processes, and gain real-time business insights. Talk to experts from Miraclesoft’s Digital Integration CoE today to learn more about what integration approach fits your organization’s needs. Our customers have seen improved business agility, creation of new revenue streams, and an increase in organizational efficiency, all through a well-thought-out Digital Integration strategy.


Empower real-time data integration, process automation across platforms and applications that talk to each other through Integration Platform as a Service

B2B/EDI Integration

Establish an integration network that scales with your business, rapidly onboards trading partners, and allows for secure, reliable transactions

API Management

Empower your application architectures with an API Management platform that allows for rapid, secure, and robust connectivity

Data Integration

Harness the potential of your data through integration platforms that enable real-time analytics and prescriptive business insights

Data Movement

Facilitate rapid, secure, and scalable data exchanges within your organization that can reliably help your business create new revenue streams

Event-Based Integration

Increase business agility through event-driven architectures that allow your organization to react in near real-time to changes

Our Services

With over 3 decades of expertise in delivery enterprise applications and their associated integration strategy, Miraclesoft, and it’s Digital Integration CoE are uniquely equipped to address your transformational needs. We are your catalyst for change in a rapidly evolving digital world. Our expertise, rooted in over 3 decades of learning, has helped us to understand our customer’s diverse needs and provide modern integration solutions that are truly transformative and that meet the challenges of the digital age.

Together with our certified experts across the globe, we are also partnered with leaders in the Digital Integration market including IBM, Boomi, Mulesoft, Software AG, Microsoft, and more. We empower businesses to streamline operations, enhance data connectivity, and make informed decisions with a successful digital integration approach.

Outcome Based Services

Tailored to your integration needs, our services focus on delivering tangible results, aligning IT strategies with business outcomes

Platform Modernization

Modernize your integration platform to realize enhanced performance, future-proof capabilities, enterprise-grade reliability, and secure scalability

Architecture Services

Work with our CoE Experts to curate the right integration architecture that caters to your evolving business needs and digital transformation strategy

Rapid Innovation Prototyping

Empower ideation through fail fast innovation with our Rapid Innovation Prototyping focused on Enterprise Integration

Managed Services

Leverage SLA Driven, Cost Optimized Managed Services from Miraclesoft to support the backbone of your enterprise strategy

Talent Augmentation

Find integration talent through our AI-driven talent acquisition channels that can help take your investment to the next level

Health Check Services

Our Integration CoE experts cananalyze, guide, and recommend potential improvements through an in-depth assessment

Software Licensing

Optimize your investments and enable cost effectiveness by working with us for your software licensing and renewal needs

Modernization of B2B Platform for a Clinical Products Manufacturer

B2Bi and Managed File Transfer
Hybrid Integration
Business Challenge

Our customer is a global supplier and manufacturer of laboratory instruments, apparatus, and consumables for the life science research and clinical diagnostic markets. They needed help with their legacy B2B/EDI platform, which was causing damage to the efficiency and quality of their services and business flow.

To contain this inefficiency, they were looking to upgrade and modernize their existing B2B platform, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, to the latest version while incorporating the benefits and scalability of the cloud.

Our Solution

Our B2B Integration CoE team assisted the customer to migrate from a legacy system to a modernized platform,

  • All components of Sterling Integrator upgraded to the latest releases for both hardware and software
  • Provided roadmap and re-architected Sterling B2B Integrator for high availability and patched all components to the latest releases on AWS
  • Re-architected their B2B platform by introducing perimeter servers in DMZ for additional security
  • Migrated their partner ecosystem from both On-Prem and Azure Cloud to AWS Cloud
  • Tested and migrated all their partner setups, maps, business processes, and code list tables into the latest release of IBM Sterling Integrator
  • Performed testing and validation of patches/releases before deploying to the production environment
Customer Benefits
  • This consolidation of multiple platforms into a single adoption for their EDI platform reduced the complexity and cost of supporting multiple environments
  • Internal resources are now more focused on business and project-related activities rather than managing operational support of their EDI platform
  • Incidents are identified proactively in the system and resolved before impacting business
  • IBM Sterling Integrator was updated with all the latest patches and releases providing them the agility for their operations
Technology Scope
  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, Amazon Web Services

B2B Modernization for a Transportation and Logistics Company

B2Bi and Managed File Transfer
Infra Management and Automation
Business Challenge

Our customer is an American transportation and logistics company that provides transportation services throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, with over 22,000 employees and operates more than 11,000 trucks.

They were looking to overcome existing limitations in their EDI environment to onboard partners quickly, scale integration layers, and rapidly roll out new integration points.

Our Solution

Miraclesoft’s Enterprise Integration CoE team helped the customer to build a product roadmap, implement the vision, and support the platform long term.

  • Replaced and re-architected the EDI platform with IBM DataPower
  • Implemented mechanisms for Automated Failover, Recovery, and Resiliency
  • Architected WMQ Appliance for highly available messaging environments
  • Deployed Miracle’s Logistics CoE hub members to assist the customer with the modernization of the legacy applications
  • Created integration flows with multiple backend systems for enhanced monitoring and alerting
  • Helped to set standards and processes around DevOps/CI/CD
Customer Benefits
  • The customer had better monitoring and alerting across the core infrastructure
  • Have a stable B2B platform to handle 20 Million Transactions per day
  • High availability across distributed EDI environments, leading to isolation and protection of their revenue stream
  • Achieving near-zero RPO/RTO minimizes data loss and downtime in the event of disruptions
  • Highly available, scalable EDI gateway at the Edge supporting all external message flows
  • Established the Logistic Center of Excellence with their organization
  • With 99% uptime, business operations are free from unexpected disruptions
Technology Scope
  • IBM DataPower Gateway, IBM MQ Appliances, IBM Sterling B2Bi

Modernizing Omnichannel Experience for a National Apparel & Accessories Retailer

Edge Integration and API Management
Application Development and Delivery
Business Challenge

Our customer is a leading manufacturer and retailer of women's fashion apparel and accessories. The company’s products are sold through a nationwide network of retail stores to make women feel great and attractive by providing modern, wear-to-work solutions.

They were seeking an Omnichannel approach to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience whether online, in stores, or with third-party partners. They were looking for a one-stop IPaaS solution to integrate all channels within their backend OMS System and expand their revenue model on Amazon.

Our Solution

Our teams assisted the customer in streamlining their Omnichannel initiative by,

  • Setting up a MuleSoft Anypoint solution for the client and creating a web store interface for store associates to refresh the order queue, order details, print, and complete orders
  • Building an API layer to monetize some of the functions and increase customer interest using Mulesoft by attaining real-time customer data analytics
  • Creating various integration patterns within Mulesoft and migrating their enterprise applications to the Mulesoft CloudHub
  • Implementing a DevOps framework for automated deployment and release management of MuleSoft applications to accelerate deployment of new integration products
Customer Benefits

Through our innovative services, the customer was able to experience the below features,

  • Achieved a modernized Omnichannel experience
  • They were able to reduce efforts to onboard new vendors by 50%
  • The integration approach enabled their e-commerce strategy to be able to keep up with the latest digital retail trends
  • Enhanced data visibility across the organization, thus allowing them to provide a better customer experience and improve operational efficiency
Technology Scope
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, Mulesoft CloudHub

Powering Asynchronous Communication for a Supply Chain Solutions Provider

Edge Integration and API Management
Application Development and Delivery
Business Challenge

Our customer is one of the reputed logistics providers that combines its core products of Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Logistics to deliver globally integrated, tailor-made end-to-end solutions. They sought a reliable messaging system for asynchronous and event-driven communication within and between applications.

Our Solution
  • Our custom solution was built by integrating the technologies, including IBM API Connect, IBM Data Power, and IBM MQ
  • We provided the best practices, standards, development methodologies, and guidelines to generate revenue sources that help in expanding the business
  • Implemented a complex Air Freight Carrier Messaging solution to make it highly available
  • Developed and delivered enterprise APIs using API Connect and IBM DataPower Gateway to streamline data exchange
  • Integrated the external partner web services and also implemented the custom policy to integrate API Connect with IBM MQ
Customer Benefits

Through our innovative services, the customer was able to experience the below features,

  • Digital business innovation and transformations with APIs
  • Optimize the performance of APIs using leading, standard industry practices
  • Drive new sources of revenue, acquire more partners, and enhance business growth
Technology Scope

The products and technologies used in this effort by our team and the customer were,

  • IBM DataPower
  • IBM API Connect
  • IBM MQ

Establishing a Digital Integration Layer for a Leading Paint Manufacturer

Business Challenge

Our customer is a leading manufacturer and distributor of paints, coatings, and floor coverings related to industrial, commercial, and retail usage.

The customer had numerous on-premise, legacy systems including mainframes, off-the-shelf applications, and custom-built products. These applications, along with their modernization efforts, were connected through numerous messaging and point-to-point integrations. The cost to maintain this monolithic integration layer along with an inability to achieve modern digital results and experiences due to legacy capabilities were driving factors for the customer to choose a microservices and event-based architecture for their digital strategy.

Our Solution

Miraclesoft’s Digital Integration CoE Team conducted an in-depth analysis of their inability to achieve modern digital results and suggested to

  • Strategize and Architect an Event Driven Architecture for Digital Integration based on Azure
  • The legacy ERP systems were decoupled from the integration layer and event fabric to provide fast data access
  • Developed an Event Driven Architecture for Digital Integration based on Azure
  • Azure bus services and Logic apps were implemented to consume events from legacy systems and provide transformation capabilities
  • A secure API layer powered by Azure API Management was developed to enable internal and external subscribers to access critical business data
  • Cloud-native APM solutions are used for continuous monitoring and observability
  • Data access is enabled for 60 days in CosmosDB along with establishing connectivity with Data warehouse and MDM systems
Customer Benefits

The benefits of customer included,

  • The Digital Integration layer that was decoupled and established could scale securely for future business growth
  • A Trusted data environment was created to securely access, process, and subscribe to data events.
  • High-speed data storage on the cloud was delivered to provide integration abilities for future applications and business domains.
  • The business experienced exponential improvement through real-time streaming and integrations.
Technology Scope
  • Azure Service Bus, Logic Apps, Cosmos DB, Snowflake, Oracle ERP, Azure Event Grid

Enterprise Monitoring Framework(MEMF)

Enterprise Integration Platforms are the beating heart connecting your business processes and applications. Transactional visibility and the ability to track-analyze-replay transactions will help elevate your integration platform experience to the next level. Miraclesoft’s Enterprise Monitoring Framework is a plug-and-play toolset that integrates with your existing integration platform and provides key transactional visibility capabilities for your organization. With MEMF, you can elevate your monitoring capabilities and create trust that drives further innovation and expansion.


Investigate workflow errors with seamless root cause analysis abilities

Enterprise Visibility

Gain key insights into your integration platform’s performance and reliability

Anomaly Identification

Analyze patterns and anomalies in your integration workflows for improvement

Platform Insights

Improve operational efficiency with visibility into metrics and SLAs

Supply Chain Visibility Platform(MSCVP)

Enhancing supply chain visibility is critical for digital enterprises operating in an ever changing and competitive global market. Miraclesoft’s Supply Chain Visibility Portal (MSCVP) provides comprehensive insights into your supply chain, including order-to-cash and procure-to-pay lifecycles, offering real-time tracking and traceability of EDI transactions. Our pre-built framework accelerates time-to-market, improves quality, and reduces costs to help your supply chain operations. The framework offers plug-and-play usage with your B2B Integration platform for quick and easy setup so that you can accelerate trading partner onboarding, provide self-service transaction visibility, leverage record-and-replay capabilities, and optimize operational costs.


Transactional Visibility

Empower self-service visibility into EDI transactions for IT, Business, and Trading Partners


Seamlessly analyze transaction errors and failures along with the ability to replay transactions

SLA Monitoring

Improve your platform reliability by monitoring and adhering to your transactional SLAs

Automated Ticketing

Integrate with your ITIL systems to route and alert the right teams for EDI transaction errors

We Understand Enterprise Scale

We understand enterprise scale, and we empower digital integration. Explore Miraclesoft’s expansive offerings and capabilities to help establish your digital integration platform of the future. It is critical for organizations to adopt a holistic view for their integration needs including B2B/EDI integration to ensure they can power their digital projects to success.


per month

Processes through an automated Intelligent Document Processing pipeline for Healthcare Marketplace



Logged per hour in real-time to enable preventive and prescriptive diagnostics
for an Automotive Manufacturer


Per Second

Securely executed across internal and external integration endpoints and partners for a Pharmacy Retailer


Messages and Events
Per Month

Processed by a secure containerized integration platform with over 1900 Integrations for Global Retailer


Streaming Events
Per Day

Processed through a Real Time Cloud Streaming and Analytics Platform for a Tire Distributor



Implemented across 180+ Cold Storage Facilities with real time event streaming for a Logistics Giant


EDI Transactions
Per Day

Securely processed on a resilent B2B platform across 2300+ Trading Partners for Global Logistics Firm


Visual AI Agents

Achieved through cloud-based Low Code AI Apps Platform developed for Global Pharmaceutical Giant

Strategic Partnerships

Miracle is proud to be aligned with some of the top technology leaders in the space of Digital Integration. Our strategic alliances empower us to deliver cutting-edge, enterprise-grade solutions to our global customers and allow us to be at the forefront of innovation.

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