Agile Development Squads

Deliver digital products with purpose-built, multi-disciplinary teams that are tuned to working in an agile manner

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Agile Development Squads

Design Thinking + Agile Development

When constructing agile teams, it is important to ask "Who are our users and what are we building for them?". The iterative nature of agile projects requires your team's ideation and design to follow an evolutionary approach where the outcomes for the sprints evolve based on continuous feedback. This approach allows enterprises to deliver outcomes quickly while also staying nimble and empathizing with end users, thus allowing you to create the perfect blend of value and functionality.

Agile Product Development


Onboard talented individuals that have the experience of working together and the skill sets required for digital products


Miracle's team have the experience of working in agile environments and are passionate about advocating agile principles


Miracle's multi-disciplinary teams are outcome focussed and are driven to deliver the highest quality digital products for our customers


Through our Center of Excellence ecosystem, our teams are constantly evolving and being upskilled for digital product delivery

Miracle's Agile Development Squads

Enterprises that have prioritized the delivery of digital products and services are struggling to keep apace due to numerous factors. The formation of large siloed teams due to resource specialization, the lack of technology upskilling and agile buy-in, along with high costs are pulling back enterprises that want to run. Miracle's Agile Development Squads allow you to onboard purpose-built, multi-disciplinary teams that can be "dropped into" your environment to deliver specific outcomes and solutions.

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Miracle's Agile Development Squad

Hybrid Delivery Model for Agile Squads

Miracle's vast ecosystem of Centers of Excellence enables us to provide our customers with customizable options to build their teams in an effective and cost efficient manner, thus enabling you to deliver digital outcomes with higher quality, faster time to market and optimized expenses.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Use Cases for Agile Squads

Miracle's Agile Development Squads are outcome-driven and agile-ready teams that can be used to enable numerous use cases for enterprises that are transforming digitally.

Application Modernization

For enterprises that are replatforming legacy applications (or) enhancing end user experiences(UX)

Cloud Native App Development

For businesses looking to build greenfield, cloud native applications and services in the cloud

Cloud Migration Factory

For organizations that are migrating their applications, data and services to the cloud

Digital Product Delivery

For teams that are focussed on delivering value-added digital products and experiences

Composition of an Agile Development Squad

Miracle's Agile Development Squads are purpose-built for our customers and are multidisciplinary in nature to provide customizable squad options that fulfill your desired outcomes. Squads are typically composed of 4 to 8 squad members with a combination of onsite, onshore, and offshore talent.



Full Stack






Industry Trends for Digital Products

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and organizations that are willing to adopt the right mix will reap the benefits of best-of-breed enterprise solutions. At Miracle, we are constantly upskilling our teams to be able to deliver solutions that are built for the future.


Breakdown monolithic architectures with scalable, containerized application models


Automate infrastructure, security and code delivery to adapt to the rapid pace of markets

UX Reinvention

Understand end user behavior and preferences to deliver innovative and modern experiences

Cloud Native

Adopt born-in-cloud technologies and services to deliver enterprise-grade, digital-scale products

AI/ML Infusion

Reinvent product experiences by adding smart capabilities through AI/ML integrations


Establish a trusted data foundation that can help deliver near real-time business experiences

API Integration

Eliminate business silos and allow for seamless internal and external business integration

Low Code Apps

Rapidly delivery digital capabilities by utilizing no code, low code platforms and workflows

Are you ready to transform your enterprise?

Powering Advanced Analytics with Snowflake for a National Retailer

Application Development and Delivery
Business Challenge

Our customer is a privately-owned department store chain, looking to migrate from their legacy, on-premises data warehouse based on Teradata to a modern, cloud-based data warehouse.

They were looking to achieve better data insights for their business while also improving their data platform’s scalability and resolving batch jobs performance issues. They wanted to provide a platform that could address their real-time decision-making needs for same-day sales and improve query performance for analytics.

As a part of their architecture, they chose to combine Azure’s Data Lake capabilities with Snowflake as their Data Warehouse. This migration was a part of the customers’ Enterprise Reporting and Analytics Modernization initiative. The main drivers of the migration included modernization, compute scalability, cost efficiency, and enablement for self-service analytics.

Our Solution

Team Miracle was instrumental in the data migration and warehouse operationalization with Azure and Snowflake,

  • Implemented a purpose-built retail Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution designed specifically to speed and simplify retailers’ journey to holistic
  • Migrated data integration flows (ETL/ELT) using Talend for the data acquisition from flat files, SQL Server, and Oracle
  • Migration and Data Validation for the Teradata Schema and Objects to Snowflake Schema and Objects
  • Converted data types and objects to Snowflake compatibility along with row count, aggregation, and string hashing-based data validation
  • Implemented their data lake for structure and unstructured data to the stage before the Data Warehouse
  • SnowPipe-based ETL integration with Azure Data Lake Storage to transform and load data into Snowflake
  • Implemented real-time data load using Attunity Replicate for CDC loads from source systems to Snowflake in near real-time
  • Migrated (Repointing) BI reports and Consumer applications including Alteryx, Tableau, MicroStrategy, and R along with structural validation and data validation for business-critical reports
Customer Benefits
  • Fully operationalized and migrated to modern data platform with Snowflake and Azure
  • Ability to independently scale compute and storage (business users, query users, and batch users) for high availability and real-time reports
  • Gain cost-efficiency through a pay-as-you-go model, cloud economics, and on-demand analytical compute
  • Enabled quicker time to market for innovative new use cases and self-service analytics through Snowflake and Azure Data Lake
  • Improved performance - large queries ran 90% faster for medium Warehouse, 96% faster for XL Warehouse
  • Better scalability with zero failures across 480+ queries by 50+ concurrent users on Snowflake, compared to 30+ concurrent users on Teradata with several failed queries
Technology Scope
  • MicroStrategy, Tableau, Azure, Azure Data Lake Storage, Snowflake, SnowPipe, Talend, Oracle, SQL Server, Azure Active Directory, Attunity Replicate

Field Sales Modernization through Agile Product Development for a Global Manufacturer

Application Development
Business Challenge

Our customer is one of the oldest and largest home furnishing and plumbing products manufacturers in the world. They are known for their continuous innovation in the bathroom fixtures industry.

They were looking for a high-performance digital solution on the cloud to give their global field sales teams the power to create customized product presentations by incorporating catalog information.

Our Solution

Miracle utilized an Agile Product Development methodology to,

  • Create a redefined architecture for Azure cloud implementation, allowing applications to scale more conveniently and securely
  • Created a highly secure API layer along with the option to create and share password protected PDF presentations
  • Built the application using the latest web technologies such as Angular, Bootstrap, DocumentDB, SQL Server and .NET Framework
  • Integrated the application and presentations with multiple backend Enterprise Data Sources
  • Built functionality within the application to create new presentations based on the product catalog in their ERP and enabled RBAC control for authorized access only to the audience
  • Integrated Power BI with the application logs to enable analytics that provide easy and inexpensive ways to instrument applications
  • Implemented Email notification integration using the SendGrid account through the Azure queue trigger function
Customer Benefits

Through the development of this solution the customer achieved many benefits such as,

  • Provided process security with hierarchy approval process and RBAC based authorization for the audience
  • Empowered field sales to customize, create, and share their presentations seamlessly while also allowing them to collect feedback and receive approvals
  • Improved the performance of applications by deploying in a multi-region Azure environment
  • Enabled features such as integration with product catalog for real-time data in presentations, smart search capabilities with query suggestions, and currency conversion functions for global audience needs
  • Seamless alerts and notifications without outlook dependency(enabled by SendGrid integration)
  • Customized Multilingual features with no IT involvement
Technology Scope
  • MVC, Angular, Bootstrap, Web API, Microsoft Azure Platform (PaaS), Blob storage & SQL Server, DocumentDB, Azure DevOps

Digital Transformation through Real-Time Data Integration for a Global Fast Food Restaurant Chain

EDGE Integration and API M
Business Challenge

Our customer is a renowned fast food chain with over 40,000 restaurants across the globe. They were facing challenges with a legacy data integration platform that was having several limitations including restrictions on data size, utilizing legacy data integration patterns, unable to adopt real time data streams and API integration along with other operational inefficiencies.

They were looking for a modernized solution that not only addresses their current platform issues but also allows them to realize the future needs of their restaurants.

Our Solution

Miracle's Integration Center of Excellence worked along with the customer to analyze platform gaps and architect a highly scalable and secure Data Movement as a Service platform.

  • Built a modern solution that will scale to 40,000 restaurants with about 600,000 endpoints running on a wide variety of operating systems
  • Designed a solution that integrates data from various vendors and Enterprise Applications like Salesforce, Workday, Lawson, mainframe systems, and several others
  • Delivered a multi-cloud solution on Azure and AWS to support various environments ranging from containers to stand alone Windows services running on Windows 2012 and 2016 servers
  • Built a data integration system with High Availability and Fail Over Capabilities to handle large volumes of business critical data
  • Delivered the solution as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in a cloud native fashion to provide business agility and scalability on-demand
Customer Benefits

Through developing this solution the customer achieved the following benefits,

  • Achieved ability to scale to thousands of restaurants across the globe, helping them meet the needs of their future initiatives
  • Able to move millions of real-time messages per day across various heterogeneous endpoints
  • Seamlessly handled a large volume of mission-critical data, ranging from restaurant menu systems to pricing, Merchandising, and several others
  • Unlocked access to unlimited data along with instant, real-time integration of data streams, APIs, and more
  • Integrated data from various vendors (B2B) and Enterprise Applications including Salesforce, Lawson, Mainframe Systems, etc.
  • With Managed File Transfer capabilities, they were able to run an average of 2 million files/day between various endpoints
Technology Scope
  • AWS RDS, AWS EKS, Docker Containers, SCCM, Python, Java, Spring Boot, Angular, Oracle DB, IBM Sterling Integrator, IBM Connect: Direct, IBM Control Center and Azure Monitor