Core/Flex Capacity Model

Flexible capacity model to rationalize effort and retain knowledge, while ensuring fast ramp up times and optimized costs

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Core Capacity Model

Core/Flex Capacity Model

Miracle offers a Core/Flex model of engagement that maintains a core team of resources throughout the engagement and handles demand fluctuations by ramping up and down a flexible pool of resources. The core team provides knowledge retention and stability to the engagement while the flex team allows for agile response to demand variations, thus allowing our customers to respond effectively to seasonal business needs at a minimal cost.


Core Team

  • Dedicated resources trained in customer's business model and technology landscape
  • Team provides a stable capacity for critical business needs that may grow over time while retaining key resources to ensure minimal knowledge flux

Flex Team

  • On-demand resources that are ramped up and down to meet fluctuating demand
  • Team supports ad-hoc business volume spikes through rapid ramp up and optimizes cost by ramping down during occasional negative spikes in demand

Core/Flex Approach for Support

In addition to addressing fluctuating demand, the Core/Flex model is also used in support engagements to balance capacity between support and development work. A support capacity may be repurposed for development work in the event of low support ticket volume or the development capacity may be shifted toward support in the event of a spike in incidents. This allows the capacity to be utilized based on the precise demand (development or support), minimizes idle-time and optimizes team utilization, leading to major cost savings for the customer. Cross-skilling of team members (to enable them to handle varied skill requirements) also leads to lower attrition and reduced costs for the customer.

Core-Flex Approach for Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the pricing determined?
The pricing will be determined based on the scope of work, skill sets required, and duration of contract. Our teams can work with you to determine these factors and give you a cost-optimized proposal for your Core/Flex team. You will have a fixed monthly price for the Core team along with a variable time and material cost for the Flex capacity.
What is the lead time for a team to ramp up?
The lead time for ramping up the initial time is usually around 4 weeks and is dependent on factors such as scale and skill sets. Miracle can work with you to conduct collaborative demand forecasting exercises to source talent for you at the right time.
How is capacity distribution between development and support managed?
Miracle’s Project Team and Leadership Team will work with you to assess current and forecasted workload, enhancements, user requests, and user stories. The work is prioritized based on the assessment in collaboration with your project stakeholders and capacity is distributed based on this prioritization.
Are there any minimums for flex capacity usage?
Absolutely not! That is the beauty of the Core/Flex model. We allow you to use our talent to fulfill your ad-hoc and seasonal needs, how small it might be.
How is team utilization measured?
Miracle will share periodic(weekly and monthly) reports to show the capacity allocation, work achievements, and current workload status with your project stakeholders. The team will also conduct quarterly capacity planning to workshops to identify bandwidth requirements and upskilling/cross-skilling needs.

Our Delivery Models

At Miracle, we believe in being able to provide cost effective, value added and high quality IT services to our customers across the globe. To ensure that we can support you in the best way possible, we have cultivated our delivery models to be best-of-breed for the needs of a truly digital enterprise.

In all of our models, our teams will work for continuous process improvement by ensuring safe-landing for support (near-term), optimization (mid-term), and transformation (long-term). We focus on efficiency gains through a shift-left approach, playbooks (SOPs), automation, and long-term fixes to your environment to optimize costs and pass back savings to you.

Managed Services and Support

  • SLA driven outcome-based model where Miracle takes complete ownership so that you can disengage from day-to-day management of tasks and resources, and focus on management through results
  • Available for 8x5, 24x5 and 24x7 models based on customer's need
  • Onsite, Nearshore and Offshore models available
  • Best used for application, data and infrastructure support needs of your organization - let us handle your daily activities so that you can focus on your business
  • Monthly pricing based on SLAs, shift coverage, size of the team, and hours of support

Core/Flex Capacity Model

  • Flexible capacity model for both support and development needs that allows you to contain costs while providing scalability through a combination of a core (dedicated) team and a on-demand add-on
  • Available for Business Hours Support ( Customizable)
  • Nearshore and Offshore models available
  • Best used for development teams and support teams where there might seasonal workloads that need additional capacity (or) changes in business need to be accommodate quickly
  • Monthly fixed pricing for core team with pay-as-you-go pricing for flex team

On-Demand Support and Development

  • Flexible capacity model for support and development activities where workloads are variable (or) sporadic and suitable for situations where the demand for work cannot be forecasted
  • Available for Business Hours Support (Customizable)
  • Nearshore and Offshore models available
  • Best used for support and enhancement activities for stable systems where workloads can be ad-hoc and un-scheduled - ideal for sporadic demand where demand forecasting is not optimal
  • Monthly pay-as-you-go pricing model with options for rollovers and top-ups

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