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Generative AI

Impact of Generative AI

Gartner predicts that by 2026, 80% or more enterprises globally will have used artificial intelligence and generative AI to aid in their day-to-day operations, up from less than 5% in 2023. This shows the remarkable and rapid impact that Generative AI and Foundational Models have had on the Enterprise Digital Transformation journey. From Conversational Exerpiences to Multi-Modal Knowledge Understanding, Generative AI is empowering organizations to deliver creative experiences, improve productivity and create new business and revenue models.

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Our Capabilities

Miraclesoft’s Innovation Labs combines the power of over a decade of AI research along with extensive applied experience in delivering Generative AI solutions for Fortune 500 organizations. Our expert team focuses on industry trends, platform research, and business case discovery. Together with our industry-leading partners such as Google Cloud, Microsoft, AWS, and IBM - we are proud to be at the forefront of digital innovation with AI.

Generative AI and Foundation Models

Empower multi-modal knowledge with generative and semantic understanding capabilities

Conversational Experiences

Deliver natural language experiences powered by AI that can stitch together business workflows

Document Understanding

Enable unstructured content and documents to be ingested into your automation robots

Intelligence Infused Applications

Integrate AI capabilities and agents into digital products to deliver true digital experiences

Rapid60 for GenAI - Kickstart Program

Are you looking to get started with your Generative AI journey? Miraclesoft’s Innovation Labs team can help guide you with GenAI strategy, business case advocacy and proof of value exercises. Through our specially curated Rapid60 program, you will experience a seamless adoption of Gen AI technologies combined with a group of experts with a multitude of AI implementation expertise.

Rapid60 for GenAI

84% of organizations feel they’re stuck in their Generative AI adoption. Combined with our Rapid Innovation methodology and prebuilt GenAI accelerators, we can guarantee success of your AI initiatives and fuel innovation driven business growth.

Business Case Assessment

Leverage Miracle’s process evaluation framework to rank candidate processes for automation potential

Knowledge Base Curation

Curate knowledge and data that will help power the foundation of your Generative AI investments

Rapid AI PoV Development

Rapidly visualize and sandbox Proof of Value results through our agile, fail-fast methodology

Champion and Advocate

Showcase the value of Generative AI along with solution TCO, expected ROI, and path to production

How can we help?

Miraclesoft’s Innovation Labs and GenAI Research Unit are your partner-of-choice for realizing the true potential of AI within your organization. Our Hybrid Delivery Model combined with laser focus on applied AI research allows us to rapidly innovate and deliver tangible results at the highest quality. Speak to our experts today about how you can get started on your AI adoption journey. From model selection to prompt engineering, Miraclesoft’s Gen AI experts will guide your through the challenges of deploying a production ready solution.

Art of Possible Workshops

Advocate the potential of Generative AI through roadshows, demos and use case workshops

Rapid60 Kickstart Program

Fuel your innovation pipeline by rapidly iterating and showcasing GenAI PoV for the enterprise

Strategy and Architecture

Leverage our Innovation Labs to define your GenAI adoption strategy and enterprise architecture

Agile Innovation Squads

Augment Gen AI talent into your organization through our cost-optimized Agile Product Squads

Knowledge and Data Curation

Establish your knowledge and data foundation that will help power enterprise understanding of models

Model Selection and Tuning

Collaborate with our experts to determine the right-fit foundation model and fine-tune for your use cases

Prompt Engineering and Tuning

Adopt lessons learned and industry best practices with prompting to achieve the highest levels of AI accuracy

Product Integration with AI

Integrate Generative AI capabilities and features into your digital products and end-user experiences

Generative AI for Enterprises

Virtual AI Assistants and Copilot

Deploy private virtual agents powered by Foundation Models, AI Services and enterprise knowledge bases for improved efficiency

Semantic Knowledge Extraction

Transform search experiences with Foundation Models, embeddings based semantic search and knowledge identification

Natural Language Data Analysis

Empower self-service reporting and intelligence on your data by bringing together the power of curated data lakes and LLMs

Multi-Modal Process Automation

Combine the understanding of documents, video, images and more to automate and understand business processes

Augmented Content Generation

Provide human workers with an AI toolset that augments their workflow and allows them to seamlessly generate knowledge

AI-based Paired Programming

Collaboration between humans and AI agents to augment knowledge copilot capabilities for software engineers and developers

Our Technology Partners

Miraclesoft is proud to be aligned with some of the top technology leaders in the space of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our strategic alliances empower us to deliver cutting-edge, enterprise-grade solutions to our global customers and allow us to be at the forefront of innovation.

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