Introducing REST/SOAP API's into your EDI/B2B/MFT Ecosystem

With the increased demand for digital transformation and the push towards a digital economy, traditional EDI ecosystems are seeing value of Webservices and Application Program Interfaces (API's) within their landscape. Integrating REST/SOAP API's into your EDI/B2B/MFT ecosystem is an evolution to improve your traditional EDI platforms. These types of solutions can help you during timesensitive transactional events like Health-Care Verification, Load Tender/Response, and more.

Want to explore how Webservices and API's can coexist within your EDI ecosystem? to see how you can integrate Webservices and API's within your EDI environment to create a better brand experience and competitive advantage. Also, learn how Webservices and API's help you enrich your EDI/B2B/MFT capabilities to improve time to market and drive additional revenue opportunities.

Event Speakers

Ray Otey
Practice Lead - EDI/B2B

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Eswar Toleti
Practice Manager - B2Bi and MFT

Miracle Software Systems, Inc

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