Zephyr for Jira - Test Management

In today's competitive world, effective test management process helps enterprises to produce good quality products that ensure customer satisfaction. Jira, project management software is built to track bugs and issues in software and mobile apps. Enabling developers to automate testing by visual test executions, Zephyr, a test management add-on for Jira allows creating all test executions and tracking status and quality metrics.

Want to know about planning test execution cycles and linking defects using Zephyr for Jira software? Here you can learn more about,

  • How teams can create, clone, track, and execute tests in Jira project
  • Integrating Zephyr for Jira cloud into Jira's agile workflows for product development experience
  • Get an overview of Zephyr's newest product and how it helps ?the project teams to extend their Jira cloud software

Event Speakers

Bhaskara Lakshmi Sambhu ,
Sr. QA Analyst

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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