Understanding Miracle's B2B Integration and MFT Capabilities

The world of EDI and B2B is transforming everyday and it is our chance to stay as the leaders of this market space. With over 1/4th of our technical teams based on the B2B Integration space, we have strong expertise and experience to deliver the right solution to our customers. Our B2B and MFT experts take you into various service offerings from the B2B Team and also common sales plays that you can target for your pipeline.

The webinar will cover,

  • Basics of EDI and B2B Integration
  • Miracle's B2Bi Service Offerings
  • Miracle SCVP and More
  • Our B2Bi Customer Case Studies

Event Speakers

Nagen Anubhukta,
Practice Head - EAI/B2B

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Eswar Toleti,
Practice Manager - B2Bi and MFT

Miracle Software Systems, Inc

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