Trading Partner Onboarding - Self Service Partner Enablement Solution Made Possible

Nowadays EDI/B2B business solutions are being challenged to on-board trading partners and maintain a competitive advantage. Establishing the communication layer and connectivity between partners that use direct connections versus using a Value-Added Network (VAN) is crucial to the EDI business orchestration. There are multiple protocols and formats which add complexity to the integration layer. Moving towards a partner enablement solution can help to accelerate the part of on-boarding process.

Having queries regarding the self-service solution? Then, here is a great opportunity for you to deeply understand the finer aspects of the on-boarding partners. Miracle's EDI/B2B experts review their Trading Partner Onboarding Framework to accelerate the communication layer and connectivity between partners.

Event Speakers

Ray Otey
Practice Lead - EDI/B2B

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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