Testing-as-a-Service - Simple, On-Demand and Pay-as-you-go Model

Nowadays industries are moving towards Agility and this has made QA and Testing to become an even more integral part of SDLC. Organizations are looking for more agility, reduced time to market, continuous deployment and innovation these days. TaaS plays an important role in test automation by introducing short test execution cycle and helps in reducing organization's overall testing efforts to meet the business outcomes.

Want to explore more about TaaS to gain agility for your organization? Our QA and Testing practice professionals talk to you about industry trends, fundamentals, benefits and types of TaaS. Our experts will also deep-dive into the TaaS concepts of reducing the rework and identifying the issues upfront for organizations.

Event Speakers

Ramakrishnan Panchapakesan
Director - QA/Testing

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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