Selling Morpheus to your Customers for Cloud Services

Are your customers adopting cloud strategies? The answer to this is very likely to be yes, and if it is we would suggest that you put Morpheus in front of them. Morpheus can help you to showcase the product, define business value for the customer and come along with you as well. Morpheus is a partner of Miracle that helps make customer's lives easier for managing multi-cloud architectures. In this webinar you will learn more about,

  • The Miracle - Morpheus Partnership
  • Morpheus Product Offering and Sales Model
  • How Morpheus's Team can help you sell?
  • Use cases and customer sales pitch

Attending the previous sales enablement on the product which is available here will be helpful.

Event Speakers

Bharathi Ramachandran,
Vice President - Product Engineering

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Rick Paila,
Practice Sales Manager

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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