Sales Enablement : Introducing Morpheus and its Offerings

With more and more customers moving towards the Cloud, Miracle has expanded its service offerings into this space as well. To revamp today's enterprise's IT into advanced cloud machines and provide excellent services on cloud, Miracle has made several partnerships with Cloud leaders such as Pivotal, VMware, HPE, and AWS. In the same course, we recently have formed alliance with one of the leaders in the Cloud Orchestration and Management space called Morpheus, 'The Coolest Cloud Technology'.

Want to know the power of Morpheus in the modern technology landscape? Morpheus Team will deep-dive into the features of Morpheus platform and how enterprises can assure their customers a self-service portal for cloud management. This enablement brings more benefits for Technical, Field, Practice, and Inside sellers looking to sell in the cloud space. To know more about Morpheus, visit today!

Event Speakers

Adam Yaws,
Principal Engineer

Morpheus Data

Brian Main,
Regional Sales Director

Morpheus Data

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