Rapidly deploy personalized customer experiences
through online store fronts using IBM Commerce Composer

With a changing market-place and consumers who are more demanding than ever, it has become essential for retailers to be able to service consumers in a personalized and multichannel approach. Customers want modern and personalized content across all media, and they want to have it now. Retailers need to be able to reduce the time-to-market for their store front changes in order to stay competent.

With the IBM WCS v7.0 FP 7 release IBM has introduced IBM Commerce Composer which gives retailers serene control over their customer's experiences. A flexible no-code approach enables retail executives to get out functionality faster than ever without even involving IT. Tasks that were previously time taking and completed by store developers, can now be completed rapidly through the Management Center. The composer replaces the previous page layout tool for WCS and also allows users to preview the page on various devices. You can even create customized widgets with back-end system integration to ensure that you can reuse functionality across your store to give a personalized yet uniform experience to customers.

Event Speakers

Jyotsna Duvvuri
Practice Manager - DevOps/ Cloud

Miracle Software Systems

Anish Appukuttan
Solution Architect eCommerce

Miracle Software Systems

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