Whats Happening at Miracle : Quarterly Bulletin Update on what is cooking in our organization

With so much happening all across the board it is difficult for everyone to know everything. Alas, there is a way to do it though and what would be better than a Digital Update on what is happening around Miracle. This is a quarterly update where miraclites from around the globe can join and listen to the latest happenings across the board and how they will help you in your journey with Miracle.

Hear from us to know what happened in 2nd Quarter along with sneak peaks into what you can expect for the 3rd and 4th Quarters. A lot is happening around the organization and this is your chance to get a glimpse of the greatness that is being created around you. See you then!!

Event Speakers

Chanakya Lokam,
Director - Marketing | Innovation

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Suggestions for You

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