Managing and Provisioning AWS with Morpheus and Chef

In recent years, cloud computing have experienced unprecedented growth. Almost every startup and established vendor has some form of tool for managing their cloud computing environments. But the right cloud management tool can bring speed, flexibility, security, and cost efficiency to any IT organization. Moving rapidly in the same direction Miracle has spread it's wings towards Morpheus, a Cloud Management Tool. Morpheus offers a variety of platform-agnostic cloud services for developers providing a single pane of glass for all the operations like Managing, Provisioning, and Monitoring while reducing the pain to manage applications spanning across multiple environments.

Join us on November 15th to learn more about,

  • Cloud Management Platforms and Morpheus
  • Morpheus Features and Use Cases
  • Exploring the Morpheus Dashboard
  • DevOps with Chef, Morpheus and AWS - Live Demo

Event Speakers

Phani Kumar Dadi,
Sr.Cloud Operations Engineer

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Mounika Korrakuti,
Cloud Research Associate

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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