The Labs Teach - Understanding Deep Neural Networks using Python

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt lives across the globe, we are seeing students living in a new normal with internships, meetups and other learning avenues being disrupted for them. At Miracle, we strive to use futuristic technology to solve everyday enterprise challenges. To assist students during these uncertain times, we will be streaming out "The Labs Teach" webinars with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, RPA and Cognitive Computing.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the world has become smarter. We are seeing deep learning allowing organizations to comprehend more data and take intelligent decisions. We explain about reference architectures, advantages and use cases of deep learning. Also, understand the differences between Machine Learning and Deep Learning along with a live demo in python to build a deep learning model using Keras.

Event Speakers

Samanvitha Burle
ML Research Associate

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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