The Labs Teach - Progressive Web Apps and the Future of the Web

At Miracle's Innovation Labs, we strive to use futuristic technology to solve everyday enterprise challenges. To take all the employees to the next level, our labs team has initiated a new program called 'The Labs Teach' where we will be explaining the latest technologies to keep you updated. There will be two webinars every month from the labs team, on various technologies along with their implementation and use cases.

Creating native mobile experiences across multiple platforms can be difficult to maintain. Our Labs team will drive you through a simple solution, Progressive Web Apps that helps to overcome this challenge and also add a lot of advantages like push notifications and working offline. You can now build web apps that involves all the functionalities of a native mobile app, which gives an optimal user experience through modern browsers.

Event Speakers

RamPrakash Seepana,
Research Associate - Cognitive

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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