The Labs Teach - Extraction of data from Web Portal using UiPath (RPA)

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt lives across the globe, we are seeing students living in a new normal with internships, meetups and other learning avenues being disrupted for them. At Miracle, we strive to use futuristic technology to solve everyday enterprise challenges. To assist students during these uncertain times, we will be streaming out "The Labs Teach" webinars with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, RPA and Cognitive Computing.

Robotic Process Automation is helping companies automate the mundane and manual workloads in their processes and is contributing to reduced costs and lower operational risk. We take you through some interesting concepts about RPA, its advantages, and various RPA tools. Also, watch a live demo on how to extract specific data from a web portal and populate that data into Excel using UiPath and Microsoft Office.

Event Speakers

Sandeep Thota
RPA Developer

Miracle Software Systems(India), Pvt. Ltd

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