The Labs Teach - Building a Conversational Chatbot using MS Bot Framework

At Miracle's Innovation Labs, we strive to use futuristic technology to solve everyday enterprise challenges. To take our employees to a next level, we have initiated a new program called 'The Labs Teach' where we will be explaining about the latest technologies to keep you updated with the market trends. Two webinars will be conducted every month by the Labs team on various technologies along with their implementation and use cases.

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, everything is changing the present and the future. Now Chatbots can be built and evolve itself using AI understanding natural language. Want to know how? Our experts will showcase how a Chatbot can be developed using Microsoft Bot Framework that connects to multiple chat platforms and integrates with Microsoft LUIS.

Event Speakers

Akash Pavate,
Sr. Researcher - Cognitive and IOT

Miracle Software Systems

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