Internal Webinar Series - [Part-2]: Introduction to DevOps and how cooks can become DevOps legends using Chef

If you want to find a definition on your own for DevOps, your research will probably begin by asking Google, 'What is DevOps'. Wikipedia defines DevOps as 'A Software Development Method stresses on communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and information technology professionals'. Fairly dense, but still vague. Look into this two part webinar as we discussed about Chef, one of the most popular DevOps technologies being used by enterprises today.

Part #1 of the webinar series discusses about the meaning of DevOps, how it is enabling innovation and multi-speed IT along with an introduction to Chef. Chef is an Infrastructure Management and Configuration Tool which can help automate your infrastructure using ruby code. In this webinar our speakers has spoke about how to deploy a sample Apache Web Server using a Chef Cookbook.

Part #2 of the webinar series takes you into a technical deep-dive of Chef and how it can be used to control your Integration Infrastructure with IBM's Integration Bus. Our experts have demonstrated how you can use Chef to simplify the installation and configuration of your IBM Integration Bus environment both On-Premises and the Cloud.

Event Speakers

Bhanu Prakash Kandregula,
Research Associate - Cognitive/Blockchain

Miracle Software Systems, Inc

Chanakya Lokam,
Director - Marketing | Innovation

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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