Your guide to selling IBM Rational Products to today's Enterprise

Hybrid Deployment Models, Multi-Speed IT, and ever-demanding consumers are forcing enterprises to reinvent themselves and become more flexible than ever. Enterprises are now adopting nextGen principles in ALM and QA to ensure that they can deploy rapid changes to their IT systems and stay in front of the pack. IBM Rational Software has been a leader in this space and continues to dominate the DevOps/ALM, Application Modernization and Continuous Engineering Markets.

Join us on September 3rd, 2015 at 10 AM EST, as James Carter from IBM Systems Middleware talks about how IBM Rational can help customers and what you need to do to get these IBM products in front of your customers. The session will consist of deep dive into the product network of IBM Rational Software, the various Sales Plays for the products, Opportunity Identification and also competitive analysis as well.

Event Speakers

James Carter,
WW Channel sales lead

IBM Systems Middleware Application Build

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