Your Guide to selling IBM Pure Application to Today's Customers

Today's businesses are looking for speed, reliability and performance. Computability with varied deployment options is important as we move into the era of Hybrid System architectures. With IBM's PureApplication, you can rapidly deploy apps across your Cloud and On-Prem infrastructures while maintaining the security and isolation required for Enterprise Applications. IBM PureApplication offers both On and Off Premise solutions that use proven patterns to rapidly extend your applications, reducer cost and complexity, and ease management.

IBM experts Doug Slade and Bob Sylvester speak about the Sales Plays and OI methods around IBM PureApplication. The session will cover, how PureApp can help reduce the time to value for the workloads, and how it enables customers to drastically simplify their IT environment along with the various deployment options for PureApp.

Event Speakers

Bob Sylvester,
WebSphere Channel Sales

IBM PureApplication and Digital Experience

Doug Slade,
Senior Software Engineer

IBM Systems Middleware

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