Exploring B2B on Cloud for the Next Generation Business

In today's world of leading IT services, organizations are challenged with unprecedented levels of B2B integration and collaboration, while also supporting numerous business applications, and complex enterprise methods. Ranging from on demand to fully managed services, B2B Cloud Services being the next generation pattern in the modern era easily connects and collaborates, providing you with the flexibility to quickly adapt to the changing business needs.

Confused in choosing between Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud? Our B2B/MFT experts provides you with a compelling solution in moving B2B/EDI integration and file transfers to the cloud. Learn as they walk you through with a comprehensive cloud-based solution including efficient provisioning, infrastructure, business process management, support and reporting with three main areas of cloud operation.

Event Speakers

RK Sennayaswamy
Director - B2B Practice

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Ray Otey
Practice Lead - EDI/B2B

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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