Ease the shift of On-Premise Apps to the Cloud with WebSphere Liberty and Bluemix

Many customers are looking to move their existing WebSphere applications to the cloud to take advantage of the benefits that the cloud offers. When moving to the cloud several questions come to mind such as,

  • How easy is it to move existing on-premises java-based applications to the cloud and maintain continuous availability of our applications?
  • How can we securely connect applications running in the cloud to resources such as databases that are in our on-premises data center?
  • How will our applications scale to handle workload variability?
  • How do we monitor the performance of our applications in the cloud?
Our experts from IBM talk about how you can pitch WAS on Cloud to your customers and why Bluemix is the best platform for their journey to the cloud.

Event Speakers

Vijay Bhadriraju,
IBM Competitive Project Office

IBM Hybrid Cloud Unit

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