Database considerations while migrating SAP workloads to the Cloud

Are you looking to migrate your SAP workloads to the cloud and minimize your total cost of ownership? IBM DB2 can help you optimize all types of SAP application workloads, from high-volume transactional applications to complex analytical processes. IBM DB2 also offers unique features to boost SAP application performance while reducing storage requirements. In this webinar, you will learn how we can enable an organization to run efficiently with our ability to:

  • Migrate to any cloud or stay on-premises or run on mixed environments
  • Near-zero downtime or minimized downtime migrations
  • No forced archiving - Archive only when needed
  • No forced system decommissioning - Decommission a system whenever required
  • Real-time SAP data integration in the cloud
  • Encrypting database, data flow, and backups

Join us and watch the on-demand webinar relay video to learn how you can lift and shift your SAP workloads to the cloud by reducing your operational costs. Also, our experts will discuss how SAP customers can benefit from early access to unique features, product releases, and maintenance.

Event Speakers

Guersad Kuecuek
WW Customer/Partner Engagement Leader of Db2 and SAP


Sanjeev Naidu Pappala
Director, Data Practice and Services

Miracle Software Systems(USA).Inc

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