Chat with Experts : Going Enterprise Grade with Containers

It is estimated that over half of the world's enterprises will use container based technology by the end of 2020. Containers have evolved rapidly in the world of software development and operations and are catalysts for organizations to build applications faster and scale larger. Given that there are multiple open source container platforms in play, it is vital organizations make the right decisions when it comes to going enterprise grade with containers.

Join us, as E.G Nadhan, Chief Architect and Strategist from Red Hat and Santosh Soni, Sr. Vice President from Miracle have a candid discussion about the adoption and growth of container platforms in your enterprise. Also hear more about the business value of containers, why you should start adopting them and how to get your container based journey kick started easily.

Event Speakers

E.G Nadhan
Chief Architect and Strategist

Red Hat

Santosh Soni
Sr. VP - Software Services Group

Miracle Software Systems(USA).Inc

Bharathi Ramachandran
Vice President - Product Development

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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