Internal Technical Enablement : The Changing Landscape of Integration and
the new Connected Digital Enterprise of the future

10 Years ago having a web presence meant that you were a 100% Digital Enterprise. Today, with the advent of Mobile and Social, the rules have changed. The Modern CIO is challenged to think digitally (or) risk racing out of existence. The millennial consumer groups are creating a chaotic scenario where the power has shifted to the consumer, and they demand what they want, whenever they want it.

This shift in the Enterprise World has caused organizations to look towards IT to ensure that become truly Digital. Enterprises need to be able to provide consumers, partners and employees a connected experience to be able to compete with the modern market demand and ensure that they stay competent.

View this replay about how Integration and Multi-Speed IT are driving a new age of Enterprises and why Business Connectivity has become a critical component for tomorrow's Digital Enterprise.

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