Building Miracle's Private PaaS with CloudFoundry

Enterprise development teams are building applications that increasingly expecting high-performing infrastructure sources, storage, and even machine learning. Companies need to build better software faster to compete. But existing monolithic applications, legacy platforms and lengthy operational deployment cycles are holding innovation back. Cloud Foundry has become a requisite expectation that gives customers the confidence to choose and develop an application of their choice and leave the rest to CF-administrators.
Cloud Infrastructure team explains how to gain insight into how cloud foundry can enhance your organization's ability to get business value. This web seminar will help organizations understand the value proposition of cloud foundry adoption and provide insights into the following:

  • Our experience in deploying Cloud Foundry on our servers
  • Demo of using the Cloud Foundry Command Line by administrators and developers

Event Speakers

Vamshi Chattamoni,
Sr.Research associate

Miracle Software System, Inc.

Praveen Chava,
Sr.Research Associate

Miracle Software System, Inc.

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