Benefits of Deploying Cloud Native Apps in Microsoft Azure

Are you looking for ways to modernize your application development? Cloud-native applications are a 100% managed and hosted in the cloud using combinations of Infrastructure Services,

Automation/Orchestration, Virtualization and Containerization, and Microservices Architecture. This architectural method enables a much more rapid release cycle for your software with a wide selection of DevOps tools along with improved customer satisfaction, reduced operational expenses and better reliability for high-scale applications.

Join us and watch the on-demand webinar relay video, to learn how Azure can provide you with the resources and services you need to run your apps in a cloud-native way. Also, we’ll demonstrate the benefits of deploying cloud-native apps in Azure to scale quickly and efficiently while reducing costs.

Event Speakers

Mike Morrison
Azure & Power Platform Solutions Architect

TD Synnex

Bharathi Ramachandran
Vice President - Product Development

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Sriram Narayanan
Technical Architect

Miracle Software Systems(USA).Inc

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