Atlassian Expert Enablement for Professional Sellers Part #5

'Dream Big, Work Smart and Deliver Fast'. With the advent of Digital Applications and a changing world of Enterprise IT, the delivery of new changes in Software Applications has become as vital as ever. Dev Ops, ALM and collaboration have become key stones to an enterprise software development models and who better than Atlassian to help you out with your development needs. Atlassian has been a leader in the ALM and Collaboration market space with household names such as JIRA, Confluence and HipChat.

Atlassian Experts give us a brief introduction into the world of Atlassian products along with some key points to identify opportunities and win sales deals.

  • Week 1 - ALM with Atlassian
  • Week 2 - Solution Whiteboard Discussion
  • Week 3 - JIRA Product Family (JIRA, Service Desk, Agile, Portfolio)
  • Week 4 - Collaboration Products (Confluence, Hip Chat, etc)
  • Week 5 - DevTools (Stash, Bitbucket, Bamboo, FeCru)

Event Speakers

Victor Hernandez,
Technical Enablement Engineer

Atlassian Pty Ltd

Steve Cross,
Experts (Partner) Manager-Americas

Atlassian Pty Ltd

Patricia Anemone,
Manager, Expert Partners- Americas

Atlassian Pty Ltd

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