Agile Development Strategies to Sterling Integrator with IBM Urbancode Deploy and Docker Containers

Within the EDI/B2B ecosystem, there are business challenges to scale and deploy quickly in order to maintain a competitive advantage. With the introduction of huge number of flavors for 'As-A-Service' either on-premise or cloud, isolation of the applications from the underlying operating system is growing. Docker utilization plays a key role to scale the EDI/B2B ecosystem and increase its capacity.

Having queries regarding the agile approach to your deployment strategies using Urbancode Deploy and Docker Containers? our experts will deep dive into the finer aspects of IBM Sterling Integrator, which would be a great opportunity to see what options are available to automate your business need. They will also showcase how IBM's UCD can be used to orchestrate an automated deployment of objects within an IBM Sterling Integrator container environment with a live demonstration.

Event Speakers

Eswar Toleti
Practice Manager - B2Bi and MFT

Miracle Software Systems, Inc

Ray Otey
Practice Lead - EDI/B2B

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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