Big Data, Cloud and Mobile

With users rapidly changing the way that they use technology and Mobile, Social and the Cloud being adopted at a searing pace, it is only logical to say that the value of Big Data for enterprises has just gone into the sky this century. The emergence of Omni-Channel marketing means the way enterprises engage their customers changing as well. Users are now more open to engage in Mobile and Cloud options, and with Security being given added emphasis, the claim for these technologies is becoming stronger everyday.

If you think its time you reinvented your enterprise, then we can help you do that. With our teams working day-in day-out at our State-of-the-Art Innovation Center, we get to play around with the latest technologies. This gives us a chance to understand existing business models and bring innovative ideas to the table to reinvent your business cycle and drive growth.

Our expertise in the space of integration ensures that we are the best choice for your Mobile (or) Cloud strategy. With our innovative integration techniques and prebuilt components, our teams can help rapidly integrate all your existing IT investments to Cloud (or) Mobile Applications.

Big Data represents a new era in data exploration and utilization. It is an evolving term, which describes the volumetric amount of structured and unstructured data. Big Data helps enterprise to analyze user behavior and patterns, and in turn evolve their business model to suit their customers and hence drive their business further.

Dealing with larger data sets provides a strategic advantage for organizations, yet it also provides us with a unique hurdle for creating, manipulating and managing such large heterogeneous data sets. When properly harnessed, these huge sets of data can positively affect your enterprise through Business Analytics.

Big Data needs something much more advanced than the regular Business Analytics suites available, as data becomes more heterogeneous, diversified and complex day-by-day. Our teams have been innovating with tools such as Tableau Software, IBM Cognos Enterprise, Hadoop and others to give you the edge when it comes to data. Make better decisions through real-time data analytics and in turn provide rapid growth for your organization.


  • Hadoop
  • GridGain
  • IBM Cognos
  • Tableau Software
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Amazon Big Data Suite
  • Spark

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Slow to start off with, the Cloud is gaining speed and acquiring space in the Global IT Markets. Enterprises are harnessing the power of the Cloud to drive their enterprises towards higher quality with lower costs and burdens. The Cloud provides enterprises with a huge source of computation power waiting to be utilized by organizations. The Cloud is here to stay along with emerging technologies such as Mobile, Social and Analytics, it will shape the future IT landscape.

Whether it is migrating your environment to the Cloud, creating and supporting Cloud-based applications (or) integrating your on-premise applications to the Cloud, Miracle is the partner of choice for any organization. Our expertise in application management and integration, enables us to provide you the best-in-class service when it comes to initiating your Cloud strategy. Take the first step towards the future and experience the power of the Cloud with its unique features and capabilities. Scalable, Secure and Flexible are all synonymous with the Cloud and it is time you leveraged these qualities to drive your enterprise forward.

Our developers are experts in designing and implementing your Cloud strategy, whether it is a IaaS initiative, (or) if you want us to develop your business model on the Cloud using a Paas Model. Our alliance as a consulting partner with Amazon also ensures that we get the best support for you when it comes to the Cloud.


  • Deploying Servers to the Cloud such as Amazon EC2
  • Migrating your environment to the Cloud
  • Integrating On-Premise Applications to the Cloud
  • Developing/Supporting Applications on the Cloud


  • IBM Cloud (PaaS)
  • Amazon EC2
  • Chef for Build Automation/Cloud Deployment

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Research shows that 1.75 Billion unique users will be solely dependent on Mobile Internet for their needs. The trend is changing and users are adopting Mobile faster than any other technology. It is time that the enterprise also took this trend to its advantage, to help drive a more engaged, mobile and dynamic enterprise.

Studies show that Mobile can drive better customer engagement, higher work efficiency with BYOD strategies and better user experience. By 2017, 83% of the internet’s usage will be driven through mobile. If you feel now is the right time to engage your enterprise mobile, then Miracle is the right partner for your needs.

With our proven expertise in SOA and Web Services, we can enable your Mobile Initiative faster than anyone, and can help migrate, integrate and modernize your Mobile Strategy. With deep industry knowledge and a tight grasp on Application Management, our teams can help build your mobile initiative upon your existing applications and drive new growth faster than ever.


  • IBM MobileFirst Foundation (IBM Worklight)
  • SAP Afaria
  • Titanium Appcelerator
  • MaaS360, An IBM Company
  • Microsoft Xamarin


  • Mobile Architecture and Consulting Services
  • Integrating Mobile Apps with existing Back End Systems
  • Mobile Application Development/Deployment
  • Customized Training Services
  • Testing and Quality Assurance for Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Application/Device Management Services

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