Cloud Services

The Cloud has become the go-to solution for many enterprises who want to cut down on infrastructure costs and concentrate more on their IT solutions. Enterprises are harnessing the power of the cloud to drive their enterprises towards higher quality with lowered costs and burdens. The Cloud provides enterprises with a huge source of computational power, waiting to be utilized by enterprises. Based on the needs of the enterprise the cloud can be leveraged as a Public Cloud(Shared resources), Private Cloud(Dedicated Resources) (or) a Hybrid Cloud.

Whether it is migrating your environment to the cloud, creating and supporting cloud-based applications (or) integrating your on-premise applications to the cloud, Miracle is the partner of choice for any organization. Our expertise in application management and integration, enables us to provide you the best-in-class service when it comes up to initiating your cloud strategy. Take the first step towards the future and experience the power of the cloud with its unique features and capabilities. Scalable, Secure and Flexible are all synonymous with the Cloud and it is time you leveraged these qualities to drive your enterprise forward.

Our teams are experts in designing and implementing your cloud strategy, whether it is a IaaS initiative, (or) if you want us to develop your business model on the cloud using a Paas Model. Our alliance as a consulting partner with Amazon also ensures that we get the best support for you when it comes to the cloud.

Some of the advantages of the cloud are :

  • Implement new IT systems within days with little (or) no up-front investments required
  • Access services from anywhere through the internet over a multitude of user devices
  • Easily expand your infrastructure on-demand based on the needs of your organization
  • Become a more agile, connected and responsive enterprise

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is one of the fundamental service models provided in Cloud Computing. In this model your entire IT infrastructure can be provided as a service through the cloud providers. It includes provisions such as virtual server space, network connections, load balancers and configurations. Enterprises can utilize this infrastructure and build their own platforms on top of it to drive growth in business value. The location of data centers, present around the globe, is abstracted from the organization and in turn provides enhanced security and scalability options for them. It is a cost effective and scalable way to reduce both your IT costs and burdens.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The PaaS model allows users and developers to build application in the cloud. Your web browser can become an simple IDE, providing enhanced development platforms and extended services to enable your teams to build scalable high performance applications in the cloud. Deployment and Maintenance of the applications can also be done through your web console provided by the PaaS provider. Databases, Pre-Built Services, 3rd Party API’s and many more features make this model both lucrative and beneficial for the enterprise. No investment for infrastructure, and a pay-as-you-use model helps to drastically reduce and optimize your IT costs. This model also helps to reduce the time-to-market of a product by helping different teams collaborate from varied physical locations.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS, by concept, is defined as any cloud service where the consumers can access software applications hosted in the cloud. Users can access these applications through a multitude of devices, over the internet. Unlike the regular purchase-and-install model, applications in the cloud work on a subscription based model. Automatic updates in the cloud, personalized directories and anywhere accesses are some of the basic features that drive this model. Usage is scalable and increased needs can be addressed with a single-click. Software in the cloud is not only easily scalable, but it is also customizable to ensure that it fits the enterprises brand and needs.

Being a pioneer in Internet-Enabled Services and our vast experience across software and industry domains, makes us the partner of choice for your cloud strategies and initiatives. Our strategic partnerships with IBM, Amazon, SAP and others ensure that we have the expertise and support to be your Strategic Cloud Partner. Our teams can help you get kick-started with the cloud in quick and easy steps,while keeping a bird’s eye view over your mission-critical applications to ensure that the transition is both smooth and quick.

If your goal is cutting down on infrastructure costs, while maintaining high levels of operational functionality with your infrastructure, processed and applications, then dont look beyond the cloud.

Contact us today at, and our teams will help you in identifying the right service model for you. Our proven methodologies will help us to evaluate your IT and Business assets and give you the best possible strategy for the transition into the cloud. User Guides, Best Practices and Standards given by our teams will all help in the process which we guide you through the configuration, setup, build and support phases.

Our services for the cloud include,

  • Migrating your environment to the Cloud
  • Developing/Deploying/Supporting Applications in the Cloud
  • Architecture and Consulting Services for the Cloud
  • Deploying/Supporting Servers and OS Instances on clouds such as Amazon EC2
  • Integrating On-Premise Applications with the Cloud
  • API Management Services