Energy and Utilities

If today’s experts are to become tomorrow’s mentors, their rich experience and expertise must be captured and shared. By addressing needs for training, visualization, and workflow automation, IT can create knowledge minefields to draw from and providing a foundation for sustained growth.In this current time of innovation and increased competitive pressures, different energy companies like Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste are looking to take advantage of their scale and align their IT and business functions to yield greater operational efficiencies and obtain greater value from their IT investments. The evolution of this state is gradual and stable. But when information technology and consulting services acts as transformation enablers & enterprises it can amplifies the change and performance.

Miracle Software Systems is committed in helping upstream and downstream organizations break new ground. We are built from the ground up with diverse and deep-rooted oil and gas competencies. Our energy practice has 1,500 certified energy experts, which is augmented by partnerships with global players, and a local presence in almost all energy corridors in the world.

Major Challenges for all the Utilities & Energy Companies are listed below:
  • AMI (Automated Metering infrastructure)
  • EBPP (Electronic Bill Payment presentment)
  • V2G (Vehicle to Grid)
  • VMS (Vegetation Management Solutions)
  • Broadband Over Power lines
  • Smart Grid / Intelligent Grid
  • Field Service Automation / BPM based Process Automation

To thrive in today's market-driven environment by optimizing their business operations in customer care, generation, trading and risk management, transmission and distribution, regulatory compliance, and enterprise services.

  • Energy Trading and Risk Management.
  • Regulatory Compliance.
  • Optimize work Planning and Execution.
  • Streamline Field service Operations.
  • Integrate logistics and Processing.
  • Real-time Credit Management.
  • Trading Partner Integration.
  • Customer Care Solutions and issue Resolution.
  • Vegetation Management Solutions
  • Lower costs with automated metering
  • The WorkPlace solution for Utility Companies
  • Work Scheduling - Planning & Real-time Updates
  • Asset lifecycle management solution
  • Business performance management
  • Intelligent Utility Network Solution

Miracle can help to improve your return on investment. Successful business integration has helped our customers to achieve benefits of:

Maximize profitability: 80% order process savings and 75% faster response to clients. Efficient management of expenses. Minimization of Power outages. Predictive maintenance, which in turn reduced the risk of asset failure.