The manufacturing practice focuses on high-end consulting and on delivering IT-based solutions to a wide spectrum of continuous process and discrete manufacturing industries globally. The thrust is on developing solutions and services that help companies improve their operations in today's 'E-Manufacturing' paradigm.

As consumer spending in emerging economies expands, new demand centers and centers of manufacturing excellence and innovation are rising as hot spots. The mergers, spin-offs, consolidation and record sales volume over the last five years have created unprecedented size. But they have not created a sustainable model for long-term shareholder value.

To break the mold, manufacturers need to meet industry forces head-on in their complex make-to-order, make-to-stock, and configure-to-order requirements market. Manufacturing industry leverages the power of Internet to drive improved efficiencies across the value stream of the enterprise. Manufacturing Solutions provide customers, the bandwidth to innovate on business models, clouting contemporary technology solutions.

In the Internet age, manufacturing and process industries faced with the challenge of highly dynamic and interactive business environment. There is a need to focus on the capabilities of their suppliers even as they streamline their own processes. Increasingly, agility in a dynamic market and the capability to deliver high-quality, cost-effective products will determine the success of manufacturing industries the world over.

Today's automotive leaders face new and pressing challenges: rising customer expectations, emerging technologies and intensifying competitive pressures. Success depends on finding new ways to create value and distribute the value benefits.

We provide solutions that aligns business with customer needs and allows closer collaboration between the channel partners results in creating a competitive advantage. ERP solution for the automotive business, is a result of innovation and development efforts. Miracle believes in driving its automotive clients in transforming their business through its unique solutions and services. We deliver business value to Automotive enterprises in three ways: Business transformation, Accelerating Innovation, Efficient operations. We also help Industrial Manufactures to speed up their product development, enhance service capability and reduce operation costs. To enable aftermarket services as a growth driver for Manufacturing client, we embrace technologies and focus on service excellence where manufacturers can create ever lasting competitive advantage.

Miracle offers the following:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Product LifeCycle Management
  • Value Chain Planning & Execution
  • Enterprise Performance Management & Business
  • Intelligence Customer Relationship Management