Winter Picnic - 2015

November 14th - 15th 2015 - Araku : "It was time to do some chilling and grilling", to tease up the hair and let the cool breeze sweep over, and to take off into a joyful ride. A trip to a hill station was all that was needed when one wanted a bit of respite from the hasty rush hour. Araku is one of the best hill stations and is also known as Andhra Ooty for its landscapes and chilly weather as well as the pollution free atmosphere. It is a place for people who need a break from their hectic routine and recharge their batteries.

It was a great weekend planned at Araku Valley for the Miraclites with our beloved CEO, Prasad Lokam to enjoy the cool breeze of the winter, and to have loads of fun with friends. Employees with their packed luggages got into the bus for an exciting journey to Andhra Ooty on November 14th, 2015 for a two day trip. It was a journey filled with music and pleasant green environment.

A comfortable stay at Haritha Valley Resorts gave a city touch to the hill station where everyone enjoyed the cold weather with dances and delicious food, and warmed themselves up with bonfire. The night has sparkled with fireworks. And, a walk with complete darkness all around, along with twinkling stars and the new moon in the sky gave an adventurous feel.

The next morning continued with a beautiful sight of the bright heavenly flowers with the clouds sailing across the sky, the awe-inspiring sight of Chaparai Waterfalls, the Tyda Tunnel, and the snow covered peaks of the high mountains in the distance by looking at which one could enjoy one's heart out. It was a long road trip stop and a fun filled opportunity that let the Miraclites have a memorable time with one another.