Winter Picnic 2018

February 10th, 2018 : The weather was very fine, the sky was cloudy and gentle breeze touching the warm cheeks of everyone. Araku Valley was our annual winter picnic destination. A trip to the hill station was all that needed to experience the chilling weather that swifts the journey and makes them cozy that freshens their mood.

It was February 10th, 2018 afternoon, when we started towards the ghat roads and reached by the evening. In the evening, we enjoyed the campfire and tribal dance organized at the camp. On the very next morning, we captured a spectacular sunrise over the summit of the mountains which was amazing.

Araku is not only meant for its scenic views, but also ideal place for beautiful waterfalls. We travelled to Katiki waterfalls through trekking. On the other side all got wet and played like kids in the water.

We all enjoyed the Araku’s famous and lip smacking dish, bamboo chicken. Araku was an awesome place with fun filled and entertainment zone where everyone can hangout and relax. Good places makes you feel more relished in reinventing you. Miraclites had gathered many memories and expressed their deep gratitude for this great initiative.