IBM API Connect v5.o Sneak Peak : Create, Run, Secure and Manage

In a new age of Digital IT, agility is essential to ensure that your user ecosystem is happy. The evolution of Mobile and IoT from tech buzz-words to household talk is major factor for the growth of APIs. With the API Economy enterprises can innovate quicker by creating (or) consuming APIs from the EDGE thereby ensuring light-weight and agile connectivity with their employees, partners and customers.

Miracle and IBM experts came together and discussed about the IBM API Connect v5.0 . With the integration of IBM's API M v4.0 and StrongLoop into one product, IBM API Connect now provides create, run, secure and manage capabilities for your APIs.

Whether you are already using IBM API Management (or) are new to the world of API Economics, this is a webinar that you don't want to miss!

Event Speakers

Hanuman Sharma Veluri
Director - Hybrid Integration

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Amit P Acharya
Senior Product Manager


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