Achieving Enterprise Service Governance with IBM API M and WSRR

In today's world, governance of APIs and services is not only about controlling but also about maintaining delivery and productivity. WSRR provides flexible and detailed governance of service deployment lifecycle to improve quality of services delivered to customers. Defining, promoting, securing, and supporting your services and APIs with application services governance can help API programs succeed and keep SOA initiatives on track.

Heard that IBM API M was replacing WSRR? Our API experts talk to you about why WSRR is here to stay, and how it complements API M in an enterprise. While your run-time management occurs in IBM API M, you can control your governance related metadata in WSRR for those APIs. This enables a singular perspective on internal and external service exposure, provides details metadata mapping for APIs for runtime control and allows for governed services to be extended as web-facing APIs.

Event Speakers

Hanuman Sharma Veluri
Director - Hybrid Integration

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Kunal Mittal
Practice Manager - Solution Architecture

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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