Exploring the Complexities of a Competitive API Management Landscape

Pervasive mobility, connected devices, and a new model of Fast IT are driving today's consumer-centric world. Today CIOs are using the API Economy to enable a flexible connectivity options and leveraging it as a new mechanism for business growth. How can you enable your organization to choose the right platform for managing your APIs

Our experts from our Hybrid Integration Practice dive into the anatomy of an API Management Platform and put some of the best vendors against each other. Attend to get insight into the API Economy Leaders such as IBM, Apigee, WSO2 and more. From Security to API Authoring, from Developer Experience to Deployment/Licensing Options, from Monetization to Life Cycle Governance, the team will see which platform suits your needs for tomorrow's Digital World.

Event Speakers

Snehansu Bhuyan
Practice Manager - API Management

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Hanuman Sharma Veluri
Director - Hybrid Integration

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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