Understanding Continuous Integration for your IBM Integration Bus Deployments

In today's application economy, users are kings and their tolerance for poor experience has reached an all-time low. Enterprises need to be able to deliver rapid changes whenever users want them, else risk being left behind. With over 50 Million Apps being downloaded every day, more than 95% are being abandoned by the end of the month! Today's economy requires the highest quality at the fastest pace, and manual deployments are not going to cut it.

Our ALM experts discuss about IBM Integration Bus Deployments within a continuous delivery pipeline and why it is crucial for your Digital Initiatives. We will be showcasing how you can enable yourselves for Fast Speed IT with Jenkins, GitHub and IBM Integration Bus.

Event Speakers

Kunal Mittal
Practice Manager - Solution Architecture

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Chanakya Lokam
Director - Marketing | Innovation

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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