Easy SAP Integration into the Enterprise using IBM IIB

In an ever evolving market-place it is critical for enterprises to become agile and flexible for them to be able to compete with dynamic changes. With this in mind it is essential for an organization to integrate all its disparate pieces together to form a robust yet flexible architecture which is amicable for future change.

In this On-Demand Webinar as we demonstrate to you the ease of integrating your enterprise assets into a SAP System using SAP Nodes Provided by Integration Bus along with their enterprise-grade universal integration foundation framework with in, IBM Integration Bus. Our experts along with IBM will help you to make the right decision to help suit your business needs and drive great business value for your enterprise.

Event Speakers

Maruti Kampli
Director Integration Services

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Greg Shevchik
WebSphere Brand Specialist

IBM WebSphere

Sai Kastury
Vice President - Business Integration

Miracle Software Systems

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