Accelerate the value of your Salesforce investments with IBM Cloud Integration

Today's enterprises need to excel in a Customer-Centric world, where Sales force has been able to provide one of the most robust CRM solutions in the Cloud ever. Most customers need to rapidly synchronize sales data with a variety of internal back office applications contained On-Premise. Just as the 'No-Software' experience of simplified sales automation, IBM's WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration provides a template-based 'Configuration, Not Coding' approach to integrating your Cloud Applications to your premise.

Cloud Integration experts from Miracle and IBM come together to discuss the need for bringing your Cloud and Premise world together, and how Cast Iron can help you synchronize your data seamlessly and reliably. With a user-friendly approach, Cast Iron helps drastically simplify integration projects with, eliminating the need for specialized skill sets.

Event Speakers

Manivannan Sugumar
Solution Architect - Cloud Integration

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Sargam Singh
Senior Product Manager

IBM Cloud Integration Services

Michael Alley
WW Technical Sales Lead - API Management

IBM Systems Middleware

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