Technical Webinar : Digital Transformation for SAP Businesses
with IBM API Management : Part #3

Micro Services, Multi-Speed IT and Digital Innovation are driving today's enterprises towards a new future. Join us on August 27th, 2015(Thursday) at 1 PM CST as Miracle and IBM experts deep-dive into how large enterprises are taking on the challenges of the API economy to become a truly Digital Enterprise.

In this part we will take you into a deep-dive of some of the technical aspects of API Management along with a product demonstration which will cover the following scenarios,

  1. User Authentication with OAuth and API Keys
  2. API Analytics and Insights
  3. Developer On-Boarding
  4. API Documentation and Publishing
  5. API Throttling and Traffic Control
  6. Data Transformation Policies
  7. Custom API Policies

Event Speakers

Hanuman Sharma Veluri
Director - Hybrid Integration

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Robert Laird
WSRR and API M Product Manager

IBM Systems

Chanakya Lokam
Director - Marketing | Innovation

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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