Building API M Center of Excellence (CoE) and Best Practices

Every organization across the globe desires to sustain a team that nurtures an environment of innovation and thrives to be the best in beating competition. When an organization is introduced with APIs, it has an internal discussion to form a jumpstart team supports its API early adoption needs while maintaining the highest standards. This is what conventionally 'Center of Excellence' (CoE) meant for. An API CoE has a number of key functions that are valuable and that it might perform.

Are you interested to build an API Center of Excellence in your organization? Our API expert team will deep-dive through the API best practices and Key functions that are needed to build API Center of Excellence (CoE). Also, you can learn why API architects or solution architects are necessary to support the initial API adoption.

Event Speakers

Hanuman Sharma Veluri
Director - Hybrid Integration

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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