IBM MQ Appliance -Simple, Faster, Reliable, Secure and Remote Messaging made possible

As today's Enterprise chases the dream of a 'Digital Enterprise' the need for connectivity has become more crucial than ever. It has become absolutely essential for IT to bring together the 'Systems of Record' and 'Systems of Engagement' to ensure that the customer has a unique connected digital experience and messaging plays the most important role for this connectivity. After years of dominance in the Messaging and Connectivity Space, IBM announced the arrival of MQ v8.0 in the form-factor of a physical appliance. The appliance brings together a Simple-Secure-Rapid-Remote-Reliable-Available messaging model for the enterprise.

Our MQ Experts from Miracle's Integration CoE and IBM's Messaging Team discuss about the cost factors, the deployment use cases and how you can migrate and consolidate your existing MQ infrastructure. If you have any questions around deployment options for the two appliances(MQ 2000A and B), this would be a great opportunity to deep-dive into the finer aspects of the messaging appliance.

Event Speakers

Chandra Sena Bussu
Solution Architect Business Integration

Miracle Software Systems

James Bennett
Product Management

IBM UK Ltd. - Hursley Labs

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