Valentines Day | 2017

Valentine's day is a very special day that spreads expression of love to the loved ones. The boldness of the red roses and the sweetness of the loving hearts mesmerized the Miraclites. Where luxurious gifts, diamonds and jewels fade away, a single rose can express millions of feelings. The most easiest thing that can done without any limitations and boundaries is caring. It's impossible to buy a loving heart, so try to win it by sharing your love and charm with the people around you.

To lighten up love and helping the poor as a initiative, an event "Spread Your Love" was organized on the occasion of Valentine's Day. The employees gathered at the lobby, picked a rose and a chit from the love box and two lovely people were declared as Mr and Ms. Valentine of the year.

The lucky valentine's were,

Miracle City:

Mr. Valentine - Gurvinder Singh (Development)

Ms. Valentine - Sarada Tatisetti (Hubble Team)

Miracle Heights :

Mr. Valentine - Pavan Kumar Midathana (HR Team)

Ms. Valentine - Bhavani Vanapalli (Recruitment)

Miraclites never failed to glaze out their care and warmth towards people. A great idea for spreading love made Miraclites, buy the roses for a good cause. The amount of 8000 INR was collected, which will be spent for a charity event as a token of love. They enjoyed each and every moment of the lovely event with happiness and love around.